Crane's Thousand Year Ambition

  • by jimmiiko
  • posted Apr 24, 2006

Here we have a patient, determined crane in an attempt to make an origami crane despite the surrounding dangers. The red sun stands for social ambition. Don't give up, crane!

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Nice artwork! $4


omg. I love this and I need it. The art is really beautiful. Nice work. $5


really awesome. love the artwork. 5

Big Ed

I love the crane holding the origami crane. How cool. Nice job!


how beautiful and original (i think)


I remember folding about a billion paper cranes in seventh grade. I LOVE this. So beautiful, and so close to my heart. $5!


i love Prison Break, so i love this one ;)


Very creative. It's similar to the amazement a baby gets when it first sees its reflection in the mirror.


Wow, I like! Maybe you can change the waves a bit to be more random?


SUMI-E! Awesome design. The composition is perfect and the style rocks. $5$


I really like this Design
I dont like it on white though!


Very nice!!!


great concept, great illustration. not sure most people will get the refrence but I like it.


suteki!!! I heart Japan, I would buy this, red cross or not.


The story of Sadako is perhaps my favourite story of all time. I have folded paper cranes to send to peace parks around the world in her honour.

I think I will cry if this shirt does not get printed. Do you want to make me sad, Threadless? T_T


I'll have to show my friend this. She tried to make the paper cranes too, but I don't think she finsihed it. This is gorgeous. $5.


pretty. but the white background will kill it for most people.

you could probably use a grey shirt - use white to outline the rocks and water - and use white to outline the grey shapes that make the crane

if you did that it might be a $


One of two Red Cross competition designs that affected me. Great job.


OMG I LOVE IT AND I WOULD WEAR IT. This deserves $500000000 :O


yea, the Red Cross ones are generally corny and bad, but this is good, and I would wear.

Maybe on a black t-shirt to see the design better.



reminds me of the story of that japanese girl who was sick (beacause of hiroshima bombing?) and attempted to make 1000 paper cranes until she died, and sadly failed.


oops i was right!!! don't call me a dummy i didn't read the text!!


Yea, she was diagnosed with leukemia and when she was hospitalized, saw all the other victims and used every medical label she could obtain to make paper cranes in hopes of a compassionate world. Sadako and Anne Frank are my heroines.


nice artwork... is it just me or is the placing of the sun a little off?


excellent concept - a real conversation starter. well done.

Lori de

really beautiful. love the concept and the design. simple and very effective.


i like the guy holding the book - with the paper swan on his head - MORE - than the crane design


Love the design. Hate the white t-shirt.


Thanks for the comments everyone. I'm aware that white is not a favorite color on threadless, but I made a conscious decision that it HAD to be white.


This was my favorite book as a child. I even named my cat Sadako. I have folded 1,000 paper cranes for a couple of seriously ill friends over the years, and there is nothing quite like arriving in a hospital room with boxes full of paper birds to fill the room with hope. 5$

Awed Some

Nice design!
I have always liked drawings that have rather incomplete edges that suggest the subject rather than rendering it completely. The viewer assembles the masses of color and broken lines into an image without really being aware of it.

I worry that the low contrast greys against white will disappear at a distance though.


Awed Some, that's the style of Chinese ink paintings/ Sumi-e and what i was going for too.. I hope people can appreciate that fact and can accept the moment, instead of an 'exact' rendering/illustration. And about contrast, that can always be fixed


Total $5. I love the art. It's really well excellent work and well thought out. I just read learned about Sadako this year. Her story is so sad. Every paper crane belongs to that beautiful girl. This is a fitting tribute.


American people are curious.
Who dropped that bomb?
Hiroshima bombing, and Nagasaki, and Dresden, and Monte Cassino are crimes, and among the worst ever: they had no military sense, they were terrorism.
Little boy, Fat man, there was not so much respect for the other human beings in those names... nice that now you're showing such a deep sadness for this story.


Dear inevitabilmente,
Sorry, but I cannot represent all of the Americans. If I had it my way, there would be no bombing. I've ALWAYS felt deep sadness for any story with inhumane acts, and always WILL.


Very nice, but I have to say, I actually like the guy with the paper crane on his head more than the actual shirt graphic.


This is great - the best Red Cross sub I've seen, no question - but I can't help but wish you were making hats instead.


too much white to see the design clearly, i agree with someone who said to put it on heather gray.


this is the shiet! best ARC submission. This gots to be printed! NOW


this is my favorite of the batch!! $5
i love that story, too.


really well done design, but i hate white t-shirts... black or khaki maybe?

mini dukes III

I love it and would buy it, but the dude on the right is greatly made, too.


I hope it looks this good large and in print. I will be very upset if this one doesn't get a greenlight. 5$ despite children on their soap boxes

Vegas Dave

Peace through paper. $5


I get it now! He's working towards creating a better
world! Something we all struggle to do, and can
accomplish with in time! HA, brilliant!


They better make this. I lvoe origami! I love it-- good job!

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