Positive Evaporation

Cheeky red cross sub to see if i can use the cross as part of the syringe.

Slam dunk!

Watch this

Empire State building has an orgasm!


thanks for the laugh


Beutiful darling!!


"Empire State building has an orgasm!"

Exactly exactly what I was going to say.


It's a needle and syringe, but I guess it does look like the building. I really liked it after I realized what it was. Pretty !


you have only used 3 colors, so you have room for 1 more. Perhaps make the lines on the side of the syringe another color so it doesn't look like windows ? And perhaps the needle too? I really don't know what else could be done to make it look less like a building. Aim the syringe down ? eh, $5 anyway.


oh I see less lines in your other version...that helps as well. :)


good job. beautiful design. me=jealous. :]


knowing that it was a tower makes the design okay.
i dont know, i felt the fact that it was a syringe and a positive gave the shirt sort of gave a "positive" message about STIs. im making a stretch. sorry


nice one. I think just 3 colours works well... keeps it strong.

Lori de

i think it's okay that it kinda looks like a building too. just adds another dimension. i really like the design...

dayuse aka yuipeter [peter t.]

There's something about this that makes me think it should win.
Is it the vibrant colours? The design, in itself.
The world may never know why I like this.


This really does look waaay too sexual.


agree^... pearl necklace


I much like it. 5.


The design is cool, but I think I'd prefer it to be off center somehow. With it in the center, I'd feel like the syringe was nestled between my boobs. That might just be me though.


nice but i feel it is a bit strangly sexual

owen skyser-gray

i was surprised that this wasn't a stingerstyler design, looks very stinger-ish
which is good.

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