Dia de Las Floras

I like the flower above the shirt better then the shirt!

Watch this

i think it is just too big on the shirt. Make it centered and small.


Love the color.


I think you spelled flores wrong... but I like the design, I just wish there were flowers in the actual design like the ones above the t-shirt

She Says So

i like this a lot...mexican day of the dead is really interesting.

if they print it like you've displyaed it (tattoo-ey with shoulder ness) i'd buy it fo sho....although maybe with different colours.



I like it alot, however it needs to say Dia de Las Flores on the sleeve or something but other than that I like it...$5


hum I love it. and I love how it's so huge and fwoosh!--> over the shoulders. yes!

Mr. Sprocket

The design is great and the colors are definetly eye catching enough to make you do a double-take or even draw you in for a closer look with kind of a Latin culture and body art feel. I'd definetly buy it, although I'd like to have a few different colors and backgrounds as extra options. ...$15.


don't make it smaller...it's perfect the way it is. $5


i really like the flowers in the top right corner. i don't like the shirt design a whole lot though.


I love this shirt design a whole lot though.

Don't change the size! Someone mentioned it looked like a tattoo sprawling over the shoulder and I think that is a perfect way to describe it. This shirt is badass.

Love the color the way it is but it never hurts to have more options.



i love it. 'flores' or 'floras' it really doesn't matter. i just like this...a lot. i like those colours but it'd be really cool in pink/white and black too.


love this so much.

very nice hispanic/spanish flavor.

i don't think the size is too big, i think it's just right.


The design is very intricate. It utilizes the t-shirt as though it were an artist's canvas. The flower aspect of the design does well to compliment either a male of female very well. Overall, it's definitely the work of a winner.


I don' t like that the vines are really the same thing repeated multiple times. If you changed them up so that it wasn't just a repetition, I would really like it. Nice placement for sure.


perfect size, perfect colours, i will buy if it is printed


i like the drawing of the flower above the shirt better than the actual shirt....


the flowers abov e the shirt are awesome.
make a tee with them.


Am I the only one really tired of sculls on shirts?


I love this shirt. The design is just the right size, and i just love.


I'd love it more detailed...I love the flower above the actual shirt. haha



love it

best skull on threadless ever

well done!




it's "las flores."
but nice artwork.


we need more t-shirts like this one. i love culture.


i'm mexican and i think it's 'flores' but maybe in spain it's 'floras' or something.. anyway

i like:
- placement
- size!!!

i second the suggestion on saying 'dia de las flores' on the sleeve.


I like this a lot - good placement, and the size really works! $5


i dig
the placement is really neat and doesn't look like a typical threadless t bc of it


Vegas Dave

Wonderful design. Yes, I'd buy it. And I 'd buy it in almost any color combination.


Fantastic design and I'm loving the flowers.


It matters that you've messed the words up. It would be "Los Flores". It just looks ignorant otherwise


I love it!
I want it....

Pretty Please? :)


haha very nice, very cool. the neonish green and black go together well. 5 + $

Oxford XVII

This is the only way that a skull will ever work on a shirt. I just might buy it ($?)5

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