properly dispose of your unwanted pets...

Watch this
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ha ha ha, WHAAATTT?!?!?!


love this. well done.


awesome - i hope they print it : )


wow such a cool illustration. but the positioning and colors are killing me



i think that the aligator bit someones fingers off and now after the owner kicked it out has some serious indigestion? Either way I like the drawing style but not the content...


i like the gator drawing, but i dont get it.

Brett F.

i hate the gator drawing! the human features creep me out beyond belief! also, i don't understand it at all. is the no toilet sign covering the alligator creature's breasts?? ew. come on. this is dumb



it's way confusing, but I think it's from that urban myth about people flushing little pet alligators, judging by the title. still don't understand the sexy body and thought buble...


inexplicably random. perfect for a shirt! :)


i would like it without that toilet, it just doesn't seem to fit very well


toilet fits perfectly
keep it


this needs printing....... big fat gator tits of a 5$


The urban legend is that people flush their little unwanted alligators down the toilet. They grow in the sewers and then I think bite peoples fingers off?

Something like that.


i understand the concept, at least its a little more dense than other things ive seen, i actually admire someone to trying to pull something like this out, im voting 4 on it, because the positioning of the image is not working for me, i always prefer it centered , mainly because you can see better the images on your chest than other places, so if you change it, ill give you a 5 ;)


good art. I would buy it if i needed a shirt to confuse people everywhere that i go


You know guys... the original illustration on DA does have breasts... but for the t-shirt , I cut them out on this piece and covered the chest with the 'no flush' seal.

If you're seeing breasts, you're looking WAY too hard.

Jack the Beatified

Beautiful. Perfectly abstract and a wonderful image!


Ha, this is so awkward.


Art is good, I really like the way the green gator looks... but I would never wear a shirt that color. :(


constipated gator!! lol!!


My papa used to tell me he had a gator he flushed down his New York Apartments toilet.


i can't believe there are so many people that are having a "i don't get this AT ALL" reaction.

do that many people not know the whole urban legend about aligators in the sewers 'cause someone flushed one down a toilet?

or there are at least three or four urban legends about people losing their fingers.


nice artwork, pseudo-manitou. i do indeed prefer the version on your DA page, but it was a smart move coverin up the goods for the shirt design



I get the point of the shirt, but wow did you choose a bizarre and disturbing way to depict it. I like it :)


^^^ agree with Kelseyg

Joan Burroughs

Super Cool!!! Great idea.
I wish alligator woman had breasts, but I understand you gotta tone it down for Threadless. Otherwise you'd surely loose the support of the large middle school and prude populations that exist here. Sad but true.


Center it on top - rotate 90 degrees counter-clockwise.

mini dukes III



This is really crazy and it NEEDS to be printed.


yeah.. half gator, half sexy sexy woman... yeah.. like that isn't creepy.


haha!nice,id prefer the crocodilelady by herself though,without the other elements.

Oxford XVII

Croc-lady is waaaay too creepy. I like the concept though.


Why censor? it was great as it was! 5$

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Effing good design. I had to stop myself from running my finger on the screen where the aligator's wrinkled neck was.


It's obvious this is a "trying to be cool" design that fails pitifully in every way. Even the "original" one supposedly has breasts, "omg that is sooooooooo kewel". Give me an f'nbreak and stop trying to be cool. Eventhough I think the design has no hope it would benefit from losing the speaking bubble and the fingers just falling to the alligator girl thing, and second if you want it to mean "no flush" instead of "no toilets" or "no shit" then zoom into the handle while still making it obvious it's a toilet.


i'm generally not a fan of that placement, and i don't think it works here. centered, please.


There are too many people on this site now that try to get attention simply by being overly critical. They think that by being rude (in a very tactless way) they are somehow earning themselves a title, or a place as someone famous on threadless. I happen to like the design very much.

I'm not saying criticism is bad. But only when it is done in a respectful manner is anything more than laughable.

Anyway, as I said, I'm very fond of the design on green. :) Nice artwork, without question.


pixelnymph: I agree. Have you seen this 'hehehe' guy's comments on literally ANYTHING ELSE that's up for vote lately? I don't know exactly when it happened, but somewhere along the line the showoffy elitism turned to hateful and unnecessary flaming. Dunno how guys like him somehow manage to ignore the "If you're going to criticize please be constructive and respectful about it" between his abnoxious comments and the Post button.

My opinion on this design: I didn't get it at first glance, and I doubt many would.However I think the design is gorgeous and very well-done (if a bit 'furry' for my tastes), and you're a very talented artist. 4.


So, your comments were somehow "constructive"? You didn't give this designer any tips for improvement. "didn't get it", "a bit furry", and "very talented artist" is supposed to be constructive? I've been venting on very bad design on this site that is praised by others, sorry. I didn't "flame" on this one, only pointed out that "trying to be cool" will never be cool, the breast thing validates my claim this was trying to be cool. Then I gave CONSTRUCTIVE criticism on the piece, so get your facts straight!


So, hehehe, how do you define cool then? Everyone should be taking pointers from you?
Nice design $5

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