Hands in Love

  • by alinab7
  • posted Apr 22, 2006

colors used are black, red, and yellow

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i was just pointing out that they are very similar and are based off the same idea. i personally like the clean look of so lovely better. and it's not a LOT different. the hand shapes are different, but they still stem from the same idea, which in my opinion strong enough for a shirt. on another rather technical note, however, the hand shape you used in this design is rather hard to create unless you have really short fingers. I'm sure it's posible, but I have an average sized hand and I can't make a shape as rounded as that.

No. 45

in my opinion *is not


this sketch was based off a photo I took of my hands in this shape.
It's a charcoal drawing I did for my figure drawing class this semester.

No. 45

alina: that's interesting that you can make your hands take that shape.... my fingers are too long to do that, and my thumbs won't curve that way.


make the design a little smaller maybe?
this is really really nice though


beautiful.. although similar to So Lovely.. I like this one a LOT better..it's not just a graphic tee, but something more.. you can feel the hands/love.. I think that because the position is more difficult to make (although I can with my hands, no problem) it makes the drawing/details more real.. good luck!


i like it alot, just not sure its a red cross shirt, i would say if this doesn't make it, work on anything that is said here and try again in the nomral submissions


haha actually, my hands can make this shape. and i like it better than so lovely, too. really great illustration.


thats nice, but im seeing alot of big hands lately on shirts...


not original at all


I do like the grainy style. it's what draws me to this shirt. seems a bit more genuine than other designs with the same gist.

would buy if on a richer colour. pastels are not my bag.


I like this better than the lovely one. just I cant say i'd wear it. making a heart with your hands should be an unspoken, long running joke. this just ruins things.


ive decided that this one is way cooler than the one that is for sale. i would totally buy this one. $4

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it should be a right/right left/left hand, not both.


it looks like the hands have burns or something..


very interesting idea...love the heart. hands look interestingly drawn...


yeah...its so lovely all over again.


those hands look like they were just in a blender or something.


i looove how you drew the hands.


This gives a totally different impression than So Lovely. I like it better. The grainy sktetchiness makes it seem more real and touchable and personal.

(I can actually make that shape with my hands. I just have to bend my four fingers a bit.)


thank you to everyone who voted

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