• by R_G
  • posted Apr 21, 2006


Watch this

As much as I love Astronautsthis looks very similar to the 12 club Tshirt....Mystery of Mission 5..too similar.


it does? and Mystery of Mission won? i dont get it...


it looks like some dots to me


could use more description or, details i suppose


This is really gay.


When you say something is "gay" in a negative context, you sound quite ignorant... just so you know.

hmm. what version of flash do i need to see this anyway? the thumbnail looks interesting, but the other just shows 2 black starbursts on a white background. same w/your other sub, can only see the portion of the black in the center.

oh. well i see it using explorer but not firefox. = no good. oh well. also the change color box does nothing even in the other browser.

so since i'm babbling i'll say it's kind of neat, but it does remind me of mission 5, the ocean diver version to your astronaut, which was printed as a 12-month club tee. the balloon thing is kind of weird, and i do not know what CCCP is.. so the design may be totally lost on me personally. yay for babbling about things i don't understand.


CCCP is russian for USSR.

umm not a big fan sorry, don't get what he is attached to, looks like a deflating ballooon. wait cause it is, oh, still don't get it, and why a russian?

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