Dirty Little Beast

  • by Basket
  • posted Apr 19, 2006

The title comes from a little framed picture of Ralph Fiennes on my desk next to my computer where i wrote"dirty little beast" on it.

This one is based off of a sketchbook drawiing i did of my studio teacher.

Watch this

was your studio teacher doing a naked crab-walk when you drew this?


really strange...the face is not really expressive...but I like it.


there's a face in there? barf

scoutti profile pic Alumni

i like all your subs
they are very expressive


your studio teacher is one ugly mofo. this is so insane i love it!! $10


okay, something must be up with my eyes, because either i'm a perve or that picture makes no sense... and even if im a perve it makes no sense... either way i like it... it makes me think... or try to think... shrugg


It's great:) 5


maybe in italian my comment would be funny...ops! I have to study much more to post something in english...sorry...


let that be a lesson to solo twister players!



I have no idea what the hell's going on in this.


do a google search for rubber johnny. reminds me of that.


looks like a contorted naked guys with his testes hanging out. sorry i still don't like nudes on shirts.


very picasso, but he's dead now. we need to move on.


ahahah didnt know how to react when i saw this...


sorry. i recently picked up the habit of drawing alot of scrotum. my old drawings were vag galore. i actually censored this one because there was a blatent penis in the original and i thought that might be pushing it too far.


oh and i am aware of the chris cunningham short. i hear the drawings resemble my work but i have yet to be able to find any besides the ones in the booklet of the directors label dvd.


I have no idea what's going on here. And I've yet to decide whether that's a bad thing.

No. 45

i love the random bumps and nobs that look suspiciously like parts of the male anatomy.

sonmi profile pic Alumni

"skipcronin, at 6:59pm on Apr 21, 2006
very picasso, but he's dead now. we need to move on."

haha, how is this "very picasso"? or even picasso at all?

(i like this)

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

what the... did i read someone saw a FACE there???

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