Musical Chairs

  • by rholliday
  • posted Apr 19, 2006

It's a neat idea, but it doesn't imemdiately say "musical chairs" to me. It looks more like the musicians just haven't sat down to play yet.

Watch this

i agree that it's not immediately obvious, but i kind of like the subtlety. it's a great idea. my only concern is that the back of the first chair and the bottom of the guitar aren't differentiated enough -- they create almost a line. if the guitar stuck out a bit more, it could give that part of the design more depth. 4


I agree. I like the idea, but In my opinion to have it scream "musical chairs" you should have an instrument lacking a chair. Maybe a stand up bass chilling with no chair. Zing! That would be good.


neatly executed - and original idea

after reading the other comments i thought you could adapted the idea.
have the chairs actually playing the game - stacked up chairs with one on its own - which would obviously be the loser


it reminds me of when i was too broke to afford a drum throne. I had to use an old chair.

$4 because its got drums


this isn't an original idea. In fact i'm sure i've seen this before. Oh wait, i have you've re-subbed this. Why?


or maybe you could add little musical notes to indicate that the instruments are being played? ...just an idea


i just thought that the musicians left.
cute idea, poor execution.


i really like this, but that guitar would slide right off of that chair sitting like that.

Big Ed

rholliday said:
"It looks more like the musicians just haven't sat down to play yet."

That's exactly what I thought.


musical chairs or empty musicians' chairs either way....i like it...5

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cute, but there's something awkward about the keyboard and its chair... it's kind of blank.


Nice idea and funny but don't know if i would wear

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you got an ok score last time...2.39, but you didn't change a thing and resubmitted it....why?
It's going to do worse this time because of people like me who give resubmissions a zero.

First time he submitted it is here:
(You figure out what's changed. I sure as hell couldn't)


hahaha! cute! i wouldn't buy it, but very cute.


But where are the band members!?! Out being misunderstood!?!


the joke doesnt work so i wouldnt bother trying to make it obvious. it's just a nice design, nothing special. i'd definately wear it, wouldnt buy it though.

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should probably say musical chairs on it....cause if i wore that to school a bajillion people would ask what is it and i would get sick of saying musical chairs so much.
good job though


i love the concept. give the chairs fun arms and hands and i think it'd scream "musical chairs" a bit clearer.


quite interesting. I agree with the hilarity of the stand up bass... w00t SugarNSpikes.


...and this one time, in band camp...

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