Sorry I did a little mistake sending my last draw: http://www.threadless.com/submission/73153/@

Indeed some details was missing because i send you the unfinished version of my draw. So sorry and could you modify my design ?


Watch this

i'm sorry, but i could never wear a fetus on my shirt. blame it on those awful "rock for life" pro-life fetus and guitar shirts... ew. I'm mentally scarred.

it's a nice deign, though.


yeah, like i commented the last time you submitted this: if i wore that shirt, i would definitely worry about being mistaken for a rabid anti-choicer.


Yay for being a rabid anti-choicer!


haha his ears are SOOO small awww


I didn't notice the @ until the 2nd or 3rd time I saw it. Kinda cool, but I don't know that I'd wear a fetus either.


whats the point of the @? i see it. and i get the baby with the cord. but whats the deal with the @?

Le Raton Laveur

The idea was to use the baby to do the "a" but a baby don't look like "a" lol.


I dont know about wearing a fetus on a t-shirt!

It is a neat idea but not cool for a shirt. But a well done design.


anti-choicer=baby killers muhouhahahahaha.......but no seriously

.onion profile pic Alumni

i don't understand how the usb cable and the baby work together to make "@." i mean, sure, i see the physical symbol, but what's the message o_o; cause w/o some meaning in this i doubt anybody would want to wear a fetus.


It's not USB its Firewire! I like it


Hey your work is great, would love to see it on http://www.mojizu.com
It's an online character designers competition and community!


stick to bake sales, cross-licker.


rabid anti-choicer? you mean those evil people who don't approve of delivering a baby except for its head, punching a hole in its skull and claiming a constitutional right has been performed? yeah, those are rabid people.

Caroline J

ok, to be more constructive, maybe this concept would be better with a child or adult, but the fetus creeps me.

maybe a woman with a usb cable from her ponytail.


I hate the word fetus.


fire wire is dead, damn mac for giving up, its almost as if they aborteded it
like it, but not going to buy a shirt with a fetus on it unless its doing something funny


maybe did abort firewire, just like fetuses are aborted.


Interesting. Maybe not so huge on the shirt would be better.


I was'nt that kindda baby


would have been better if it was USB and not firewire lol
its great


Sorry... I wouldn't buy it, but I guess it's kinda nice? o.o


seems like you can plug anything into your comuter theses days; toasters, lamps, babies...

fetus on a tee is askin for trouble! ^_^


the dimensions are better this time, it actually looks like a normal fetus, but i still wouldn't wear it.

i just hate babies and fetuses in general.


i think i get it. firewire cable...@...technology...the next generation"

magnet school has made me very observant and analytical


I think I would get a lot of weird looks for wearing a fetus. Especially if it didn't have an obvious message.


It would be funnier if the baby was red, had little horns, and a black goatee.


i'm tire of the cord submissions..


the design is okay, but i wouldn't like wearing it because people may think it has to do with like abortion or something


i like the idea, but i would improve the drawing, mainly the area where the plug begins, make it totally come out of the babys stomach, maybe make look more like an umbilical cord, it looks to uniform for my taste
but the idea itself is erally good! :)


it could comment on cloning and reproduction or even how from a young age even from birth people are bound to technology in a sense. As technology is becoming such a large part of society today.

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