Paint For Love

  • by an_urb
  • posted Apr 16, 2006

My first submission here. Love is in the air!

Watch this

this is neat. i like the idea. but the brush strokes would be as wide as the roller.



also since the brush strokes are smaller, it looked like the dude was painting over the heart in the tan color.



You definately got the cute factor down...very cool


No, as he painted the heart, he moved the roller over a bit each time. That's why the brush stroke look "small".

And too cute for me, I'll never wear anything with a heart on it.


well even if that is why, I agree with the others, the strokes should be the same size as the brush maybe spread out a bit too since he is painting with one hand. its kinda hard control something that big with one hand!

but other than that! its cute cute 4 for now
5 if you change the brush strokes!


i'd like it more if the little guy was bigger and the heart was smaller...that's just me...don't like hearts all that much


awww cute little dude!
Don't like hearts tho... would buy if he was painting something different


I was going to say "cute turtle", but everyone else is saying "little dude". Still it's a cute idea . But I'd not fond of the color. Maybe blue? IDK, just not tan.


hmmm I like it, but I'd like it more on a different color...the khaki-ness isn't doing to for me...


I think the brush strokes are fine. This is cute. :)


Yeah, I agree that the narrow strokes make it look like he's painting over the heart. I get what you're saying, but it's one of those times when it might have to be wrong in order to look right.


Oh actually, he can't be just moving the roller over a little, because the middle bottom stroke that sticks out is too thin.


i like it alot, it's cute and I would wear it.

rowan brierbrook

aww. I like the lil thingy who is green. he makes me smile


To me for some reason it looks like he's erasing the heart.

Not an Aardvark

The idea and the Little Dude (I think it's ok to capitalize that name at this point. XD) are both adorable. Like everyone's said, the problem is with the heart. It looks like you just made a heart in Illustrator and used the scribble effect on it. Also, some more differentiation in the paint drops on the ground would be nice. I'm aching to give this a 5, but the heart's just not happenin'.


Hey your work is great, would love to see it on
It's an online character designers competition and community!


and who is green dude suppose to be?

the mothership

i don't like the way the heart looks. why are the paint strokes so little? it looks like a scary heart. what is up with the colors? ugly. but the little green guy is awesomely adorable


it looks as if he is erasing not painting.


i think its cooler if he IS erasing - love is a myth...


I love the little green character, but not rest of the design. If you can find something for him to do more interesting than painting hearts, that would be pretty cool.

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