I have exactly the opposite problem with clothing sizes....

Watch this

Without the 75% off sign. Just the dog could work really well.

Andy_Mason profile pic Alumni

ha ha ha ha, that is hilarious... i dont know why, that dog is just really funny....

Aristarchus profile pic Alumni

> Without the 75% off sign. Just the dog could work really well.

No, then it's just a fat dog.

Congrats, louisa, this is your first shirt design to make me laugh out loud. Very cute.


Its a husky and he's......husky!!! Shit that is funny. no really though. I like it. 5.


this is so cute and funny!
i love it!


keep the sign, that is what makes it funny. But I think the shirt needs to be darker...hard to see. And the 75 % off sign needs to be bigger.


kindda vague thoguh
need another color..

U geta 4


HAHA, as soon as i saw the title of this and your name next to it i knew what the image would be.. and it still made me giggle. I LOVE THE WAY YOU DREW THIS GUY. he looks so despondent

ludicrous louisa

I'll tell you what's ironic about this. If I wore it I'd be explaining it all the time. In Australia, husky doesn't mean fat.

d3d profile pic Alumni

i was about to point that out myself. i just went "yeah, fat dog needs fat clothes". it works a lot better with the extra cultural knowledge.
you're not really 14 are you?


This reminds me of my dog because my dog is fat too.
But not that fat, haha.
Love it.

ludicrous louisa

D3d, I am. I'll post a pic when I've got one


obese dogs on my tee.......................mmmm


maybe don't even need the shirt rack; just the dog alone says 'husky'. very cute dog!!


This is the FIRST shirt that actually made me laugh out loud. That is rare, so you get a $5 from me. Thank you, ludicrous louisa. Really, Thank You.


I agree that this shirt is too culturally based as well-- where I come from, 'husky' doesn't even remotely mean 'fat', so I didn't understand the point of the shirt until I read the comments.

The dog is really adorable, though.


His face seems like he's thinking "Damn, I really let myself go"


This is adorable! I love dogs and I totally love the 'husky' play on words. I really hope this makes it, I adore it.


Cute! The sign's a little hard to read though...

I looked through your subs, and you're a talented illustrator, esp. one so young. I'm not a pun fan, but enjoy your images. I hope you keep designing!


aww my dog is fat too!! haha


why do fat dogs make me so sad?


har dee har har! grrrrrrrr-eat (excuse the pun ahem) concept!!!


hahah great design! best one i've seen in a while


The design is ruined by the crappy text rendering and the messed up perspective. Actually the whole design is pretty messed up.


ahhhhhhhhh god i want this so badddd


!!!!!!!!!this is adorable^-^ i hope it prints oneday! $5

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