Little Outlaw Annie

I like this, it's funny! Nice work. However, possibly a slightly-less grey color scheme would improve this tee. Like, more brown than grey.

Another thing: this is outlaw Annie, so why is the style she's drawn in so modern? Why not more 'old wild west'?

Nice concept and in-the-corner design, but it reminds me of those knife-behind-the-back people...meaning it's not the most original idea. Good job though.

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The Captain of Awesome

Because she has to look like Little ORPHAN Annie, first.

I like this and would probably buy it.

Jen Yip

I really like the positioning of this design, and concept. $5.


I like this Tee. But...I'm not to keen on the jagged border up the side.

I think the little girl graphic is brill and should just be in the bottom corner alone, no border - just her.

I gave it 4marks cos it's a neat wee design (minus the jagged bordery bit). If it was just the girl on the tee alone, I'd buy it! Well done :-)


i like this. innocent with a little homicidal edge. $5


I agree, not a fan of the swirly border. Maybe if it were barbed wire? But probably better just leave it off all together. Love the juxtaposition of the lollipop & the gun. Nice work


I would have given this a 0 and cry sobbing rivers of emo teras so much that my glasses fell off if you had have used a hair straigtehner instead of a gun


I like the little girl but not the swirly things around her.



ohh, i like it!


Love the girl character :) But yeah, as previously said, i'm not sure the border quite works. I think there is definitely something great goin on with this one, but perhaps it needs to be worked up a little bit.... change or get rid of the border, or put the girl into a different context altoghether....

Cool none the less tho, good work!

.onion profile pic Alumni

i think the thonr design is too plain, but i do get and appreciate the concept :P


I guess more of the same, I really like the girl, but the shirt colour and border needs some reconsideration. Drop the thorns, maybe try something reminicant of a ferris wheel or carnival equipment, only muted in the background? I dont know, I like the side placememt and the character a lot though.


I think it'd be 10x cuter if little Annie was dressed in western garb, like fringed suede and whatnot, but still had the lollipop and looked like a child. The border is alright; it kinda distracts from the girl and doesn't match the style she is drawn in, but I understand why it's there...
you still get a 4 :)


i think the annie part of this is awesome, but i have to say, the thorny border kind of makes me think of bad tribal tattoos, so i probably wouldn't buy it. i'd try to rework the border and resubmit this.


I like it, but you know my fear of guns!!! Course, I'm WAY TOO OLD to be wearing t shirts anyway!!!!! LOVE YOU and YOUR WORK!!!!


love th msg xx 5$


i love it, and i love the sneaky little vine near her feet that makes half-a-heart.
the gun is a little bold, but i like it there.

def a $5


i love everything that looks the same.


i'm not sure why people are so enamored with the "concept"...
however, it would be more interesting if it was the actual "Annie" character, instead of some generic girl. like some frizzy red hair, or something


i like it


I love it, it's such a cool style.

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