Faerie Fight

  • by wetSet
  • posted Apr 15, 2006

FIGHT ! (but with elegance) ^^

larger views of different color versions on my profile..

Watch this

Wow, that's intricate. I like it. :)


it's pretty cool for clip art tessellation. I keep thinking they're playing that game from Tron, though.


the faerie on the right looks very nice. i hate the one on the left. it's all stocky and fat...i like what they're made of, i draw like thsi a lot. sometimes i make just crowds of people made out of this organicy stuff.

i say work on it a bit more and change the color options, the color options are gross.


cool! intricate indeed. Nice idea too!
not sure i'd wear it, but 4 coz its cool!





This is cool. I think the colors you've chosen for the black shirt are the best. I can't decide of the other ones.


^^^ I agree. The colors of the characters on the black shirt are best and would look good on many shirt colors as it is.

.onion profile pic Alumni

very pretty, the colors are exotic, but i guess that's the point.
i can't quite tell what the one on the right is doing- looks like it only has one hand...?
yeah, looks like they're dancing, not fighting. still cool though :P


there are three things i like about this shirt and one thing i dont like, i like the color choices, the placement and the fact that it looks completely different close up and far away, i dont like the figure on the right as much as the figure on the left. but still a 4 because its cool.


I think it really looks excellent... A cool design, good color choices, everything. I've become rather addicted to boxing lately, so that only adds to my opinion.



thanks =)


Plenty of colour options!


Very cool. All I really wishfor this is that you had done some sort of a background, such as filling in the empty space with more clip-art-ish stuff in a much darker color.


this is ridiculous. I love it.


The anatomy's a bit off. The only colour option I like is the main one. Like the idea. Its good but needs work, esp' on the left guys anatomy, his belly is a bit small I think.



With work it'd be a £5


yusecki > thanks, =)
but curvs & movements was my priority. Then I took a few liberty with anatomy, but not with belly's left guy I think, I took a boxer's pic for base, it was a stocky boxer ;)

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