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Some day Jim, Some day

  • by RyanCox
  • posted Apr 14, 2006

I have insomnia, and will tossing and turning in my bed, I thought of this.

Watch this

this is a rad illustration. not sure if id wear tho 5


Someday is one word...


oh yeah someday is one word, I'm an idiot, also the file I sent got messed up. The background was yellow and you could see the clouds and the ship coming out of the clouds. Damn this sucks, cause it got messed up.


That's a pretty cool idea. Too bad it got hosed with the background color thing here. I have a couple suggestions:

1. I would kinda like to see his pants brown. Maybe you could use black+white creatively instead of the gray elsewhere, which would free up a color.

2. It would be neat if you could tell he was obviously wearing one of those toy/fake hooks over his hand, like if it were obviously protruding just a little bit farther and there were a couple wrinkles around the shirt. Not really necessary, though.


If this gets printed those clouds are going to look like bleach stains.


I think this thing is great, sure the clouds on the white can't be seen, but i see what your doing. I'd totaly buy this and wear it, however i'd like to see that "someday jim" thing maybe on the back, just a thought... $5 to ya matey (yaaaaaaar that was a lame ending...)


Aren't there too many colours?
White, Red, Black, Gray, Gold.

Really like the idea though.


the someday jim, someday isn't meant to be on the shirt, that is just the title. Yes I later realized that I used one two many colors. I can change the gold on the hat to red.


i love this shirt and you know i would ryan ..


once again, the title is not meant to be on the shirt.


I like this even if it "got messed up."


ARRRGG MATEY...i love pirates


wow thats great...who dosent love a pirate

katoon this the sequel to "Ask me about how I became a pirate"?


I want this shirt so bad Q_Q

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