The magic of porn

This is my first submission that doesn’t involve animals or food.

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theres a lot on here for a t shirt but i think its clever.

atomic power, lol.

.moto. profile pic Alumni

lol. not sure if it's right for a t shirt but i'll give it a 4


a very good works for a very consternating idea... 8|
this is so stupidly moralist...


You're reading too much into it wetSet. Way too much.

Have a nice a day.

Aristarchus profile pic Alumni

Right on... Though all the Liberals might ask you to switch the atmoic bit for solar power.



Whatever you want to say about porn, fine. B ut DON'T show a kid. Protect innocence, heathens!!


I like the humour of nuclear-powered porn.

The design is a little busy, especially because you have to scroll back and forth to understand it.

Also, the word 'porn' isn't provocative enough. If you can find some way to communicate it without writing it, you'd be much more successful.

Oh, and 'protocol' is spelled incorrectly.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

oh come on, kids look at porn, its part of their growing experience. Sure its not liek you should show them it, but in time theyll find ways to find it themselves. Keep it as is.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

and i like the word porn, its blunt.

Andy_Mason profile pic Alumni

you dont have arrows in between every step, not sure if it was intentional... doesnt seem to be.

its hilarious that it's nuclear powered, because liberals will hate the nukes, conservatives will hate the porn (or claim to)... infuriating everyone


Funny t-shirt. I like the "PORN" using anything else would just make the wearer come off as an asshole with a naked chick on their chest. It may be a bit busy for a t-shirt, though. It'd work great as a poster, I think.
I'm not exactly sure why everyone's making it out to be so political, though. I think it's just meant to be funny.

Leroy_Hornblower profile pic Alumni

The arrows were done intentionally that way, as they're only there to guide your eyes in the right direction. They don't need to be placed after every image to do that. I figured too many arrows would make an already busy image even busier. But it can easily be changed if needed.

Thanks for the spelling correction pencilgrin.


hahah.. i actually enjoy this. I like how the kid looks like beaver cleaver <3 porn is a funny word. I would wear this, despite my aversion to crude tshirts.


This is the best submission I have ever seen in 13 months of judging designs.


looks like clip art


id buy it lmao


aint it the truth


Great design to say the least (the webcam is a nice touch!) but I probably wouldn't wear this. Having people lean in to see the details of the shirt, only to see the word porn on the screen could lead to awkward moments. And I'm not a fan of awkward moments. 5


its....a bit much


haha! do you know that song from "Avenue Q," "The Internet Is for Porn"? i have that stuck in my head now. i would totally buy this if you fixed the spelling error ... also, maybe white-on-black would be better? that's just my personal issue with white shirts, though.


hahahahah!!! very clever!!! Love this, i'd wear it and buy one each for my brothers :D


streetwise profile pic Alumni

this is great. leave it to beaver...5$


its amazing. leave it the way it is.
except maybe changing protocal to protocol. thatd be a good change.

Big Ed

The problem I have is that the kid looking at the porn is pretty young. Could he be made to look like a teen or something? I would be a lot less creeped out.


Give him some facial hair. It will sole all problems.


the work porn isnt' in the same perspective as the monitor.

.onion profile pic Alumni

interesting idea...

Wilde Nut

So many things need to be fixed, but I do like the ideas behind this design


if it were anything but "porn" it'd be a 5 and buy, i just wouldn't wear it as is.

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

love it
hilarious/sad that it's a kid by the way, who cares what these people say
that's what makes the shirt.


this is a kinda boring shirt


I want to wear this. The kid fits perfectly with the diagram style, I can totally tell to what you are alluding, but I can't put it into words right now.

The word porn makes this. I wouldn't want it any other way.


i like the idea but its too busy

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

too busy. i don't want random people looking at my shirt for like 15 minutes trying to figure out what it means.


all that for our sexual eye candy pleasure.

har. 5$ <3


definite buy. I love it. $4


rofl is that a little kid who is looking at it


he's a happy little boy now.

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

I had a similar idea.

I will change it now

empire of infinty

i wouldnt personally wear a pron shirt but this is really well done and pretty witty so 5 from me :)


This is hilarious. I love the idea that the grand sum of tremendous human endeavour is nice, suburban kids viewing porn. Satirical and funny. The art style --- educational pamphlet crica 1952 --- is stellar. Nice work.


Add your arrows, fix the typos, and I like it! I could see my BF wearing this.


very funny. laughed out loud when I saw it.

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