Cat's cradle

I never understood the string game of Cat's Cradle, and found myself wondering what sort of cat would use it

Watch this

this definitely made me laugh ... i once left a bunch of yarn on a shelf that i thought was too high for my cats to reach, and ended up with quite an impressive sculpture in my living room


I love this design mostly because I love the book Cat's Cradle...


this is a cool ide,a the color of the shirts a but bright but i couldnt tell you what color to put it on so ill still give ya a 5

.onion profile pic Alumni

you sure like your fat animals and word puns >.>;
this is pretty well done, but the bright green bothers me.
and yeah soylamorsa, "cat's cradle" was an awesome book :]

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it would be way cuter if the cat was actually playing with the ball of yarn... but i love the idea, so 4


I like it, but yeah, diff colour and more defined lines would make it awesome.


really clever! took me a while to get it :X it's just me. I'd buy this :D

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