Sweet citrus delight

  • by legendary
  • posted Apr 12, 2006

My first submission for all of you to enjoy.

Watch this

this is a case where extra swirls and swishes actually give the design something extra. something bother's me about the text though. it's either the wrong font...or you don't need it. w/o the text it would be a 5.




I wish you didn't use three different fonts, two would have been good enough, but besides that this is pretty cool $4


lose the outline around 'delight'. this is grreat!


don't center it, leave it where it is, but i think that you should defintiely make all the text one font or lose it completely.


by the way, very good job and luck to you on your first sub


beautiful and pop-arty!
great first sub.
Looks best on the green... more citrus-y too!


good job, this is great! It makes me hungry for some indian food.


Fun! I particularly like it on green. I agree with whorrible_jack, though, that using three different fonts is pushing it; "sweet" looks great, and "citrus" is fine, but "delight" is the only diagonal line (of text) AND the only two-tone element in the design, which is odd.

Big Ed

Actually, since the shirt is called sweet citrus delight, I think it ONLY works on the green.


She looks like she's taking her pulse?


I love it! Cool Indian Traditional Dancer with pop art! CooL!
I would buy it!


i enjoy the graphic, and i think the typography is fine, i've seen photographs of old, overseas adverts which had smashups of fonts in them. i think the different fonts gives it that something extra. 5$.


A slick design. Very nice work. I would buy it.


Loose the fonts and everything's lovely.

ludicrous louisa

change the text to "sour citrus death" and you've got my vote! ;)
good drawing


I want it in blue!


5 for design. i love it! 00000 for placement.

No. 45



this looks TERRIFYINGLY like my mom when she was young. seriously. i showed it to my sister and she almost peed herself.

cool design.

poontang possee

this girl looks like mary kate or ashley olsen, im scared

do the bullwinkle

No text would make this a million times better.

I love it on the green. ^_^


totally cohesive


I agree with pp... 5 without the text.


i love your colors , but what does it mean??? i'm not gonna wear a t-shirt if i I don't get it.


I like this and really love the font on "Sweet"... but with the random words, it feels kinda Old Navy, to me. Illustration is great though!


what it means,even when its kind of late to explain,..its sort of a commercially poetic product.The Sweet symbolizes the girl,with the loveley face.The Citrus: obviously the orang-yellow tones I used,and the Delight is the feeling you get when you see it all together.It's a pubblicity for sweet asian sensations.
today is my last day but I think I'll be hanging around here from now on.Thank you all for your nice comments.

Lori de

it does feel a little old navy-ish, but that doesn't mean it's not a really cool design. it might be just as cool without the text...

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