Lonesome George looks for a wife


SINGLE MALE TORTOISE looking for a single

female Pinta tortoise – any female Pinta tortoise.

I’m not picky! I enjoy martial arts movies, watching

Blossum re-runs, and unicorns. I dislike wasps, bad

oral hygiene, and scratchy underwear. Give me a call.

I’m lonely.


Brief info on Lonely George:

Lonesome George is the last known survivor of a species of giant tortoise that once thrived on the island of Pinta in the Galapagos. The Pinta island tortoises were believed extinct until 1971 when National Park wardens discovered a single male tortoise on the island (George). And for the last 35 years scientists have been unsuccessfully trying to find a female Pinta tortoise to mate with George in hopes of preventing his species from going extinct.

More info can be found at:


Note: this design was meant to be a caricature of Lonesome George. It’s not supposed to be anatomically correct.

Watch this

aw this is cute and I like the story behind it. =]
haha and the scientific reindition of the female is just beautiful!


He certainly looks lonesome!

I like it.

M. R. Murphy

man, the movies i had to watch in evolutionary biology classes about that guy. it's so depressing.

ludicrous louisa

That's awesome. You've done a shirt that works on jade! And I love the seal


I like this. The idea is very nice, and I like the look of the turtle. What a helpeful comment, I know... 4.


This is cute! They could all have a thought bubble with the female tortoise in it so everyone would know they are looking for Lonesome George's future wife. :D

Leroy_Hornblower profile pic Alumni

For whatever reason I thought 40K was the maximum size you could submit an image at. So I apologize for the grainy appearance. The original is far cleaner.

Thank you for the comments.

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

great illustration!


This is so rad. Not only is the art cool, but I love the meaning and concept behind it.


Absolutely fantastic!


love it.


The story sells it. Your a legend.


i like it, but aww the turtle looks kinda sad


fantastic illustration!! Great story and meaning behind it too... i hope George finds that wife!! poor George :(


The seal on the back is the best thing EVER! Just look at her jont and folly!!! $5 and $5 for every friend I have!!!


this is such a cute design
and i love the shirt color too!


Andy_Mason profile pic Alumni

soooooo adorable... i wish i had a female tortoise for him


I loooove this shirt! AND the colour is spectacular! I woult totally buy this!!!


I love this shirt so much. However, can I make a controversial suggestion? It needs the text on the back of it, or below the design, or whatever. The text makes it like five million times more awesome. ^_^

asher27 profile pic Alumni

and i agree with the above


(maybe text on the sleeve?)


Aww, damn that's cute. I wouldn't wear it, but it's cute.


awhhh... if i had this tee i couldnt resist tellin all my friends th story behind it... which is what i love about threadless... the MEANING!!
xx 5


i neeeeeed this shirt to survive!

sheriff wendee

the story behind it is hilarious! i loveee it


love it!!! i'd def buy! and i love the ad!!! and the finch!!! is that suppose to be darwin?

however, i think you need to put some sort of text to explain what's going on. i've been to the galapagos twice and i still didn't make the connection from looking at the art work alone. maybe throw the personal ad in somewhere, perhaps above the illustration, or have them side by side across the chest.

.onion profile pic Alumni

cute! and a great illustration for the story :]


TURTLE!!! :D It's so greeen... I'd buy it. xD


i like this because i just went to the Galapagos... i'd buy it, but i came back with 2 other lonesome george shirts. George isn't so lonesome though... he's just bored. I would be if i was cooped up in the cage hes in too.


Excellent design...unfortunately it clashes with the t-shirt colour! a potentially good t-shirt ruined by fact it is camouflaged!

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