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Inspiration for this design came from my fellow classmates when I was in school. In every Drawing, or Design class I took more than half of the Graphic Design majors complained about having to draw stuff on paper because they couldn\'t draw.

Here\'s to you guys!

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bananaphone profile pic Alumni

haha its true at least in my case.



bananaphone profile pic Alumni

(btw i sketch out ALL my designs regardless of not being able to draw, its an important and vital step imo.)


I major was graphic design, it is so true, graphic designers hate to draw.


What about people that can't construct a sentence? or am I missing a joke?


This is f-ing AWESOME! You got my support on this and my 5.


True for me, hehe.


hehehe. $5. But not on green, please.


$0. I'm a designer, and CAN draw. In most cases, if you can't draw, you shouldn't be a graphic designer. Too many random idiots trying to be designers out there. This gives the real ones a bad name.



BTW the typography needs some re-working.


Maybe if there was a pencil stabbed in the screen or something that would give it personality.

Shirts that are all about a clever sentence and no dynamic picture belong in a mall, not this site. I get the joke, but it's not functioning on a threadless-level. More imagery, please.

Dark Visions

I love the idea, very funny. However, the presentation here us just not that great.


dylboteque, what about people that can't use proper capitalization.
Anyway, the shirt, funny, but like someone said, green computer screen and green shirt really don't work. And try a different font underneat the computer.


Hehe, you're all making fun of eachothers' grammar, but you^ just spelled underneath wrong. :)


uhhh hah. good luck getting a job if you can't even draw thumbnails. scoff.


i like it
it just might give a bad sterotype about graphic designers though

mini dukes III

You mean, "Art for people WHO can't draw," right? Right?

i carnt spel

I laughed at the idea... but there isnt enough truth behind it to win me over.
I do com design at uni and i must asure you that many of the designers i hang with can draw better than half of the artists i know. A couple are freakn amazing and another has won several threadless submits, and designed one of those fancy twelve month tee's, with a hell sketchy style... Cheers for the debate and valuing traditional skills, but lay off team design Punky Bruster!!!


Funny, I like it.


This is so true. I was the only one that could draw in all of my GD classes.

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

soooo many reasons I don't like this shirt.
I'm a graphic designer, and I totally agree with Heffer, if you're a graphic designer, you SHOULD be able to draw. If you're worth anything that is...
VERY few people would ever be interested in wearing this shirt.
People who are Graphic Designers probably wouldn't want to, I sure wouldn't. And people who aren't...why the hell would they want to?
Also, it looks kind of "clip-artish", now, I don't know if that's part of the joke with this shirt, but...once again, any real graphic designer hates clip art with a passion.
This shirt seems like it's meant for people who attempt to be graphic designers in college, but then go on to do other things not related to the field afterward....


yea if you cant draw you need to get the hell out of the design industry.



This is classic I work in animation and we have a few graphic designers that think they can draw and man THEY CANT!!! in the graphic desing worl they are ok but in the world of animation ther are not!!

But it goes the same for A animator in graphic Design. I am no good at making text look pretty on a page! soooooo it works both ways

But still this makes me laugh!!

Mike Laughead
Mike Laughead profile pic Alumni

I agree with the comment (more because it makes designers mad than the truthof it.) The best designers I new in school could all daw well, they just liked to design rather than illustrate or whatever.

I think the illustration of the computer is weak. Especially the mouse.
It just looks odd.

But for the purpose of the shirt I would say it does a good job.



True dat.

And it's just a joke. Laugh, damn you. Laugh!!

The Musketeer

Here's a larger version of the design:

When I was in school there were 15 regulars that were in all my classes. They are my good friends now.....however, only five of us could draw well. A few drew so poorly that I saw broccoli trees, and glorified stick figures in final submissions. This shirt is just a goof. But the fact still remains that although a lot of us (myself included) can draw, there are a lot of folks in the design field and folks that are trying to get into the design field that can't. I'm just messing with them a little.

benny breaks

this is the most un-intelligent shirt. this is an example of poor execution and a poor idea.



Rock-Deputy profile pic Alumni

you really shouldn't be taking pot-shots at graphic designers when you obviously can't design your way out of a paper bag.

Funny concept, but the poor execution kinda wrecked the joke.



this is stupid. good graphic designers should be able to and can draw. graphic design shouldn't be for people who can only edit photographs. go be a photographer.


nitpicky.... it should read:

art for people WHO can't draw.

grammar rule. things are thats and people are whos.

.onion profile pic Alumni

haha, i should've realized that ^

then again, i was too caught up in feeling sorry for myself cause i can't draw, nor can i graphic design. :(


wow. can only say that a few old art teachers are going to be on your ass tomorrow.


this shirt is so me!!! lol i always tell that to my b/f hahahahahahahahahahahaha $5


lol niiiice, i reshpect it 8]


it's a bit insulting and the colour = bluh


Ugly shirt, ugly message.

As stated above, good graphic designers should be able to draw. Every piece of design work I do, I sketch out beforehand. Even good photographers need to be good at drawing.

A 15 year old screwing around in photoshop is not a "Graphic Designer" anymore than a four your old waving a hockey stick is a professional athlete.

She Says So

id' wear it to be ironic....



no likey.


I don't like the design, but the concept- excellent.

It always pissed me off that drawing courses were prerequisites for graphics design courses. 4 drawing classes did nothing for my illustrator/ps/layout /wacom pad skills.

Terry Citizen

It's alright.... not very dynamic orvisually interesting design wise.
Message is relatively funny despite being a large generalisation.

I'm a Graphic Design student and I agree with torrid_ca on this one:
"Every piece of design work I do, I sketch out beforehand. Even good photographers need to be good at drawing."


it's true men, you read my mind


i have to disagree with the message of this shirt!...i'm a graphic design major and i LOVE drawing, and despite the fact that so few of my classmates are able to or 0enjoy drawing i think is a complete shame...i couldn't possibly get any of my work done with out sketching out ideas first. it's how you plan out your pieces, but then again everybody's work ethic is a bit different. risk taking is an important life skill, but a message like that seems a little to risky to present in front of a bunch of artists and graphic designers! you are putting down your audience and your peers!


I'm a graphic designer and I like to draw, Especially for logos. It's alot easier drawing something by hand and then vectorizing it. Even as a corporate designer, I rely on hand skills.

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