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love your style... but it's almost too overdone with the graphic symbols that seem to be perpetrating every issue of Computer ARts zine (lightening bolt, skull + crossbones, unicorn, cute monster, + symbol) but I still love it.

I wish there was a hit of color, maybe yellow, one yellow diamond or even a red ruby in the mix. I also think that just one beast would suffice.



im really glad to see you submitting again. (im never giving up on haunted house of love being printed) this one jsut doesnt do it for me, but please dont stop submitting, we need some more real artists here

graphic frost
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yeah i love your style!
happy you are back!


thanks dudes. and before anyone calls me on it, my new website is with an m :)


this is the best design i've seen all week $5

No. 45

generally i like this graphic, but i wish there weren't so many 'cliched' symbols on their stomachs. it seems overdone. great characters.



nice! 5


I had a book about brutes when I was a kid. reminds me of that.


this would be a cooler regular shirt, but i don't see it really fitting with red cross. shrug.


lisadee, this shirt is not a part of the threadless loves red cross contest :)


I'm not giving up on Haunted House of Love either!! Glad you're submitting again. Great stuff as per usual. $5


holy crap, i love the characters. $5.


I dont know how I feel about the symbols. cause I was sitting there trying to think of what they mean in relation to the happy and sad creatures...and a couple I couldn't figure out. this would look wonderful on a tshirt though, I'm glad to see something original here


$5 however a bit smaller will suit it better, and some more characters

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dood, we're in the running at the same time!

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