Oh Snap!


Watch this

i do want an oh snap shirt
but not this one

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hahaha stupid and amusing.


HA. 5.
i think itd work better on the left though.


Tha Dogg Pound feat. Crooked I
Gangsta Rap

[Crooked I]
Yeah, it's that untouchable gangsta Crooked in to I go
I'm from a long lost tribe called "Fuck a Hoe"
Come through in a new Chevy, droppin game like it's too heavy
Well for you suckers that's the ceiling
A metaphor for over ya head, dumb dumb
Speak to ya double O.G., that's where good game come from
Dogg Poundin

{music starts}

Six strait, six fo', L co's, missed it
Cause that's what one of us, nigga don't touch it
The people of the side for the urban
I like to work for top, or make 'em work it

Whattup?! I see my niggaz all in the cut
Layed back, actin a nut, waitin 'til we 'rupt
No remorse, as we bust, let you feel the dust
Let us do what we gotta do, it's fuckin it up
Let it be known, Daz Dillinger rough to the bone
All alone roamin the neighborhood high and blown
High stylin and profilin, niggaz comin after me
(fuck y'all) In actuality they face the technicality
(whattup dawg?) Let 'em feel the battle, it was a tragedy
(hell yeah) On site a nigga die for the salary (boo-ya!)
We the gang and we walk like we talk and we stalk
and we do what we do after dark (yeah!)

[Chorus: Kurupt]
This is for the ballers - gangsta rap
What all the hoes love - gangsta rap
What the hoppin six-fo's do - gangsta rap
You could do what you want to - gangsta rap
Yeah, this is for the ballers - gangsta rap
What all the hoes love - gangsta rap
What the hoppin six-fo's do - gangsta rap
You could do what you want to - gangsta rap

[Crooked I]
Nigga, I buy new blocks for war
A few shots, a broad, that make you drop
Then I'ma pop two cops or more
I'm too hot, come through wit two proper whores
Playin Tupac Shakur, gettin 'em blue socks the Lord
Crooked I's the name, man that boy just hopped off the train
wearin a platinum chain striked with thang
It's the youth game, doin it big
You don't like it, you and yo' kid get you and the whip, shit
Nigga, I spray clips, shots flop quicker than space ships
Then shapeshift yo' facial "Matrix" like a facelift
So face it, y'all ain't nuttin to see
Ain't a nigga dead or alive who fuckin wit me
Keep the Death Row chains out
My left (?) connect so hard your head blow
Now let's blow brains out (uh-huh), just thought I had to warn ya
Don't come to Long Beach, Cali, take off on ya (?), nigga


Innie, minnie, mini, mo, pick the do' or the flo'
Hoe you gotta go if you ain't takin off ya clothes
All I really wanna do is stick a dick up in you
So fast, in a flash, then I gotta slash, whattup Daz?
.. We the realist, kickin back, and feelin real chillin
Dope laws, ooh you get tossed, we dump nigga
It ain't nuttin to applaud (uh-huh)
Never slippin dick nigga, to the West then took it straight
"This kid's a psycho gramma!" Fuck a hoe cous'
Took it, what it is, what it was
Blood, nigga what it is, what is was
My niggaz, California nigga what it is
Fuck the rap game if you can't pay mayne
Obsessed with the West (West coast!), rack 'em shells
And we started off the motherfuckin multi-platinum sales

[Chorus 2X]

Gangsta rap.. gangsta rap
Gangsta rap, gangsta rap, gangsta rap

[Crooked I]
Yeah, two gangstas from radio
Kurupt - kill Blood, Daz Dillinger, Crooked I
.. Biatch! Uhh!

R.I.P Lambkiller.....

YOUR SHIRT SUCKS JACKIE...jk i gave it a 5&i'd buy

i'm gonna poop on your pillow tonight...mew.


I agree with kapow about being on the left.


It is on the left, when it's on a shirt.

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whats up with people posting the most random stuff on comments... save that kind of stuff for myspace.

funny idea, not so sure about the execution. still kinda good though

Andy_Mason profile pic Alumni

i like how you have different tie color options. but the skull needs some teeth


Lamest comment ever (lyric shit?) ^

Anywho, cool design.


hahaha i forgot about the teeth. =o.


I love this so much.


hahaha i love how many people think i was serious.

jackie, your skull needs some teeth. it looks like my grandma.



i meant killerlamb...not lambkiller...

he's one cool kid...i stalk him...

colton...i'm watching you....

i know where you are.


and i know...

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what on earth has this got to do with killerlamb?


I love it, but I agree that it should be on the left and have teeth.


So much love for this. Buuuuy fo' shizzle.


yeahh nigga?

"whats yo name?"
"Oh SNAP!"

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ok....these are some ODD comments.
I really do like this though, it made me laugh, it's a good play on "Oh snap", an image you wouldnt' expect right away to associate with it.
I would actually wear this, it's funny. I wish it was drawn a bit better though, 4


i kind of want to laugh out loud.


I kind of really want this shirt.


this shirt made me laugh, but id rather have a hip snap

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i don't think this was well executed- the font is bad and the skeleton is really boring. it's kind of weird how his arm just kind of fell...

anyway, the joke is funny :] i hope you can make different, more amusing "oh snap!" designs :P


I like the idea, and he does need teeth. The tie is good, but i don't think he needs a heart. Remove the heart, please.


My brother was just explaining to me the other day about how the origins of Oh Snap in modern slanguage are b/c of Biz Markie, so it makes it even better. I like... but... neeeds teeeeth


not that funny and would never wear it


Don't like the tiew or heart but it is original-5


Hullo, I loves this submission so very very much!

I like it without teeth.

Perchance it would look even better with Gnomly clogs? Yes?

- M.M.

PS: the tie and heart give him charecter.


This shirt is so bad that it´s good! Hilarious, yet completely idiotic. I like it!


Holy god that's funnny.
I loooove it.
Five and a buy. NICE.


I love this shirt because i'm so sick of that phrase


i like it..but its too big on the shirt i think ...so 3$

Brett F.

i agree with the second comment


this sucks so bad. you suck. your mom sucks. kelsey sucks you.

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