Helping Hands

Just a design-oriented image. Yes it's hand-drawn but not all hand-drawn images are terrible.

Watch this

I LOVE IT. I love the hand-drawn look. $5

fc gravy

thats a good point actually where is GB? nice design

Borf JR

I think this is very beautiful. It's taking a break from the more modern art feel of this site, going back to the classics. I'd wear it.


So far, this is the only Red Cross submission that I like.


Nice! this is def. one of the better red cross submissions. It's interesting.


i would have to say this is the best ARC so far, too. Eff Britain...limeys...jk, mexico seems a little skinny too. But you can tell what it is and its "homemade" look is pretty sweet. This world has perceivable continents and a lot of the other submissions dont. I like this.


I like the design alot. But I am wondering if I would like it better if the continents were green and the water the globe is more obvious from a distance.


very nice.
though its red..which is generally a harsh color...this is very serene!
I like it.


the arms look really awkward, kinda like frog legs
good idea, but executed quite poorly


screw gb, where is florida!


i thought the same thing as newrising sun. the hands REALLY look like frog legs to me.

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

yeah my first thought was frog legs... then i saw there was no florida and half of mexico had sunk... then i noticed europe had merged with the arctic... and south americas tail end was frozen over, so by all that im to assume that this is during some crazy evolution period maybe during the next iceage when we all grow arms like frogs?


Great Britain is destroyed in WWIII. Sad but true.

not really.


I would look it more if they were actually "holding" hands, instead of touching knuckles. But great illustration, and great idea!

senor spicy pants

this is so awesome!!
hand-drawn look is amazing, and the colors are great.
one of the best red cross shirts so far!


i know the globe isn't perfect but it's not really meant to be. The whole image has that hand-drawn effect to it and it'd, in my opinion, look really strange if the globe were perfectly done.


the arms look like frog legs.


love how it's hand drawn but the big picture doesnt look nice... wouldnt want to wear a big flower thingy on me


I'd like to jump on the frog legs bandwagon.


it is not so much the frog legs, but the phallic white space hidden in the tworls. sorry. otherwise an interesting concept.


This is pretty, but I wouldnt' wear a huge-normous flower either, I don't think.


Okay, this is the second thing you've callen phallic that I don't see anything phallic about...this is one of those Freudian things, isn't it?


that is really pretty. I like the hands... i didn't notice the hands for a while and then i noticed them and it was even cooler. And i'm o.k. with the fact that i didn't notice the hands at first. It is very pretty.


I agree that the hands look like frog legs - and I'm a big fan of the hand drawn look, but even though it's hand drawn, it looks funny without FL. Took me a while to even figure out where the USA was. 4


Whats with all the UK hating?


where is the state of FL?


i know that some places aren't there (such as UK and FL) but honestly, you can still tell it's a globe. Plus, like i said before, if it was perfect-lokoing, it would look odd with the sketchyness of the rest of the image.


hey toucan, the phallic i am referring to is at the inside tip of the 'petals'. not so much freudian, just an annoying anomally. yeah, and phallic shapes on womens t-shirts don't look that cool and aren't that nice to wear.


i think i'd like it more if the fingers were spread out more so they'd look more like hands...


Just like everyone else the shape of the continents is my only complaint, but other than that I think it is by far the best red cross sub. 5

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