florence nightingale

ok another submission, i wanted to do something based on the well known image of florence nightingale doing her rounds with the lamp and came up with this, oh but in actual fact the bird is a dove, symbol for peace - and nightingales dont look that cool in flight.


Watch this

it reminds me of a painting i have seen somewhere before


This is my style.

U like it.


...and my 'U' I meant 'I.'


I wouldn't have gotten anything out of this without you telling us what it is, however, I did think this was pretty and looks pretty on a shirt. I'll give it a 3.


It's awesome purely based on the desgin, and I'd wear it a thousand times, but I don't think it's great for the contest.


I have to add that if they printed this as a stand alone design & not for the contest, I would really buy it in a second.


i like the light, but not the bird though................


it's lovely. it has almost a woodcut quality to it, and i wish the light on the underside of the bird were more choppy, woodcut looking, also may a little light on the wings. nice design.


like almost every shirt, you need the title to really understand it (so it's not that big of a deal. As long as it' visually satisfying, I think it will do well.


looks a little van gogh'ish, i like it.


Beautiful. The glow reminds me of Van Gogh's Starry Night.


Lovely design, but I'm not sure if it's right for this contest. Also, I believe Florence Nightingale was more involved with the British Red Cross and not so much the American branch.

That said, I think it would make a good submission for the general category. Good luck.


Has the very painted effect, I like that... but not the bird too


This. Is. AWESOME. Love it.




Amazing design! Love it! $5


No, no...like Florence Nightingale, right? She always is represented with a lamp like that. Light where there is no hope.
I get it.
And I think it's appropriate. Nice job for putting much more meaning into it.


"Lovely design, but I'm not sure if it's right for this contest. Also, I believe Florence Nightingale was more involved with the British Red Cross and not so much the American branch."

I'm sorry, I missed that one.
I have to tell you, I think you're right. But her work inspired the nurses in the American Civil War, too.


absolutely captures the theme, i think it's the best submission. Please print this shirt - i'd buy it! (and i don't say that often!)

keep up the good work


i like this alot...very nice work


Reminds me of Edgar Allen Poe.


It reminds ME of Angler.

Good design, I just feel that its kinda similar.


it should totally be glow in the dark


great except for bird - style doesn't really fit.

Geoff G

Oh hells yes. Fav. of the red cross subs.


hmmm, reminds me of angler...and i like that its not the stereotype submission for red cross. most of them are cheesy. this is probably my fav sub for red cross.


Very beautiful, good use of the colours


I really like this one. The way the light is drawn is superb. 4$ I just feel like it needs a little something else


Carrie Winecoff, at 12:36pm on Apr 7, 2006
quoth the raven...

i thought the exact same thing

Larlar profile pic Alumni

The art is fantastic, but this design reminds me way too much of e, which just got printed.


It's nothing like E...
It reminds me of my crow submission that EVERYONE said was horrible.


this looks like the light in Angler. but it's okay i guess.

Parliament Owldelick

i'd definitely buy this. very smart idea and great line work.


i think it's perfect for the contest. best one i've seen. only thing that might make it better is if the bird was white like a dove? maybe? i dunno, but i think it's great.


i think it would be nicer if it were more to the left and not dead center. it could be smaller. or not. im kind of undecided about that. but otherwise its perfect.


Florence Nightingale was more involved with the British Red Cross and not so much the American branch.

Florence Nightengale is not the red corss; Clara Barton is. And, she is assocaited with the Crimean War


this does remind me of angler, but i think the design is beautiful, and would buy it immediately. however... i would rather this be a normal sub rather than a red cross one. it just doesn't tie in enough for me to like it as a red cross shirt. but ourside of that competition, i LOVE it.


I first thought Van Gogh actually, hehe. I also think the bird and light, while slightly different styles, they are similar enough to work well together. I've always been a fan of blending different styles in one design; it makes it more interesting.

Mazy Mallone

Woow, that's beautiful! And I love how the fire has a little face.


Bought it from American Red Cross, which is how I found about this site. I LOVE this shirt. The design is attractive and meaningful. They yellow is just the right color - it's not overpowering, and does what the design intends, I think, which is to gently illuminate. Nice work, and thanks.


I like it...but taking up more t-shirt...bigger!

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