bird in hand

  • by Robsoul
  • posted Apr 07, 2006

it'd be nice if you'd used some colors, at least just a dark blue on blue with no white or get messy... check the tees on this site out

Watch this

would it really say threadless?

reflectric profile pic Alumni

what else would it say....

if im honest i thought this design was quite cool when i made it, but on second thoughts im not sure.
leave it to the votes suppose


It would be great with colors in the printing, and minus the "threadless." One thing I like about this site is the typical lack of branding. I don't like to advertise for any for-profits.


it cuold say so many things...but why threadless? i don't like advertising things on my shirts...unless i'm getting paid


:) I like it.

hairy marv

I gave it a 5
lose the threadless and id give it a six..........yknow if i could like

senor spicy pants

i really like the design.
i think the "THREADLESS" will make people say "uhh, what does that mean?" which i like doing when i wear shirts.


4 without saying threadless.. 3 if it did


$5 if:
-change "threadless" or leave blank
-color on color (no white)

really good design !!


I like everything just the way it is, and on the brown. I'm not a big bird fan, but oh well.

Here, have a 5


I wish it said "two in the bush", but that's just me.


I'm usually not one for symetrical designs, but i like this. (and i also like that no one cried COPY+PASTE RAPE!!! on the two hands. Symetricity can only be acheived if it IS exactly the same). I also like the threadless, but maybe "two in the bush" would be better. thats a good idea.


ive been to bird-in-hand, pennsylvania. full of amish ppl. thought i should mention that, i never get the oppurtunity to in casual conversations


Yeah, agree with loserbeech, the middle hand is out of place. For some reason it reminded me of a Kabbalah symbol when I first looked at it.


i think this design is confusing- stylistically speaking.


I'm pretty sure that is the same exact hand from a Halo 2 symbol (for when you customize your person...)



huzzah for Lancaster county


but im not so sure about the middle hand's style and the color choices


I like this, except for the overly simple hand in the middle. It's too much of a contrast with the detail of basically everything else. I also wish either the banner wasn't there or didn't say "threadless."


0 w/ threadless - 5 w/o


The middle hand needs to be changed- it doesn't look good as it is, what with the detail in the rest of the peice. Alos, having th banner saying "two int he bush" would be cool, but I'm not going to be picky about it. were it printed, I think what would stop me from buying it would be the middle hand.


i like the design alot, but I am a fan of color.


and i like the shirts here much better than that other website.


I like it, but not saying threadless, I miss the threadless/ pretty flowers and bird connection.


i would like if there wasnt a black hand in the middle it inda of ruins the design for me


you stole the black hand in the middle, i have that logo sticker on my skateboard, and the original has a hole through the middle, which you covered with a...bird?
i might buy it, except for it saying threadless.


I would like it if it didn't say threadless on it. Otherwise it kind of annoys me. But, it's still good... i mean, it's a good design. Scratch the "threadless" part, though.

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sorry i didnt realise hands were copyrighted.


take the solid hand out of the middle and I'd buy it.


i'm not enough selfconfidence for wearing a tshirt stating i have a bird in my hand..


Color choices are whack, "design" needs work .

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breakhartsnfaces is right, the middle hand is from the onetruth logo, I used to make all their stickers for them. they are pretty nice guys so I don't think they will mind.


I really don't like the hand in the middle... but everything else I like. It's just... the hand in the middle is so much of the design.


i think the designs pretty ok. the side hands are cool but the so cool
and i really have to say, i don't dig the whole logo business. i hate billboards and i could never live with being one.
and for some reason it reminds me of all those surfing-brand shirts girls wear these days...
so actually, i don't really know how i feel about it....


The hand kind of looks like the logo for "One Truth". Just letting you know. check it out


Take out "THREADLESS" text.


I was unaware that there was a Threadless <3's Threadless competition.

kenny poptart

no offense, but the copy/paste thing is really starting to irk me.


please make it not say threadless....that is lame.

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come on guys easy on the 'threadless' pokes, im not sure if anyone has checked but the first designs printed on this website had threadless on them.

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