these words i write keep me from total madness

i dont get it.. but its a cool drawing.

Watch this
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is that bush and blair?

hierarchy in the USA

i forget to comment on my own stuff, is that still cool?

anyway, its chuck bukowski and john fante. getting real.


Hank & Arturo....excellent idea...great design


great colors too.


far more inventive than most stuff on teeshirts these days. I'd hit it. =)


I have a problem with people making one little drawing and then cutting and pasting it everywhere. In this case it's the repetitive cans and bottles.
Take the time to do the entire illustration.


shit is hot, love your style of kills me. love to see this in print


This shirt kicks my ass. It's like about books and shit, and books are sicccck. Books and t-shirts sicccccck. $5


I actually got this without reading your comment. I guess this means I have to buy it. I like your style.

Joan Burroughs

I love this. I hope it gets printed.


chinaski is my hero....... mail carrying has had a much more romantic mystique since i read that book. id wear this everywhere i went, even to visit the pope.


this is great

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