Element of Surprise

  • by gobi90
  • posted Apr 06, 2006

Truly the most unexpected of all elements.

Watch this

i think this idea is good, but could have been represented and executed better.


CLEVER, but could maybe stand to be a little smaller.


haha, that's clever.
maybe in the background, shrink down a periodic table and show some kind of title on it, "table of the elements," that way, we get "element of surprise" easily


I love it in the Forest Green & Burgundy!


In response to Jenn's comment: I had this idea a while ago, independent of any other submissions. Even made some posts about it about a month ago on IGN and on my LJ.



That having been said, it's not like taking inspiration from the periodic table of elements is anything new or revolutionary. Before submitting, I also checked to make sure there wasn't already a submission with a similar concept. I noticed the design you linked to and decided the concept was different enough to stand or fall on its own merits.

Thanks for your comments, everybody! This is my first submission, so I appreciate any critique. :)


Good work, Gobi! :)


Dakota and Burgundy are the best colours.

Like the idea, but echo Sapphi's comments - it's not 100% clear what it is by itself.


Cool idea, but in agreement with Smallrabbit, i support Sapphi's comments too .

still cool as is tho!

bonafide . rarity

I like the forest green one. I like it so far.. but I feel like it could use a little work.


striking resemblance to the extra tasty winner. All I say is, even though its a good concept, move on from past winners. dont use previous ideas that won for your shirt because I can almost certainly guarantee that it will not go through well. Believe me, its happened to me and it sucks. Sorry to seem harsh about it but its the truth.


on a brighter note, the thing that changes the colors amuses me. I like interactive submissions


This shirt made the science nerd in me chortle. $5


I'd so buy it.


how is it a resmblence to the tty winner? It's one elements of a periodic table. You people stun me daily.


It took me about a minute to understand the HOLE concept. I saw the light... and it's good.

neat pinK

I think you should create an entire new perodic table with all new symbols of your own....but it does look like a previous winner....nice try...I might buy?


I really like it! I would suggest maybe having a periodic table in the background like sapphi suggested (though I hardly think a title is neccesary) and maybe one of those magnification graphics (like on a map?) I think it would add to the idea. As it stands, I give it a 4, but if it was a tad bit more developed, I would be ALL UP ONS.

.onion profile pic Alumni

sapphi's suggestion is a good one. plus, you should incorporate more aspects of the element into the box, like atomic weight, number, etc. i mean, it doesn't matter to me if they're all question marks, lol, but it seems kind of bland right now. good idea anyway :P


Atomic mass of suprise = ∞/0 g/mol?


someone just made a periodic table of sweet things (ie. vodka, sugar, jello, etc.)


You think vodka is sweet???


i would buy this in a SECOND! $5


Great idea, but it should have more detail.


Where's the atomic mass?


I like the color.

Okkin Blazamut

haha, perfect!!! 5

i like it on dakota slate


Love it. Maybe a bit smaller, but the design conquers all. TOTAL buy.


Love it- $5. I can get what it is easily, but maybe I'm just a nerd...


5 and buy. :) Excellent job.

Kathleen the Bear

Lady nerds want to make love to this shirt and gent nerds want to be this shirt. Too bad the shirt is totally A. And by A I don't mean Asexual but I mean totally AWESOME.

And if you don't get it you're probably not meant to. Sometimes in order for design to be clever not everyone, especially people that stay up all night watching reruns of Full House and America's Funniest Home Videos, should get it. Unless you're watching Full House and AFH in an ironic way. Then you might get it.


I LOVE that "?!?" is the atomic number.


Why did Mr. T destroy the periodic table?
-Because he only liked the element of surprise!



this would be cute for like a one-panel comic strip but as a shirt i'm not fond


i like the conecpt behind the design, but perhaps make it look more realisitc to an actual chemical symbol. Perhaps superimposing it on a smaller scaled periodic table.


Thanks to everyone who voted and commented! This is my first submission, so I appreciate everyone's input. I'll be posting more submissions whenever I get a chance. Thanks again!

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