Any threadless sightings in Los Angeles?

  • by morbidboy
  • posted Nov 18, 2005

Other than my brother and I, I never see anyone wearing any threadless shirts around town (Los Angeles area). I'm just hoping to run into a complete stranger thats wearing one of my shirts.

Watch this

i see them all the time around here...but im south bay/south of LA/suburbia

they are popular with emo kids wearing girl cool ppl like us:)


I believe one day we'll meet morbid. (Now that I have awesome new shirts from the sale)


theres at least 4 people at my school who own at least 1 threadless shirt, and I live in the oc...which is suburbs of la...


I know some kids here in Malibu who wear threadless. I have no time or car to go to LA


I have seen one. Dark Side of the Garden at Santa Monica 3rd street prominade.


ill look for ya!


I see people at school wearing them all the time (CU in Ottawa, Can).

psst i just got You Are What You Eat and <3<3<3 for designing it. (:


I wish I saw people wearing threadless shirts around my crap ass city of Fresno.


Whole Grains

I think I read that Fresno has more incidents of car theft than any other city. (Or maybe that was just cities in CA, I don't remember)

morbidboy profile pic Alumni

Thanks for the complament, Prianka. I just hope that you guys really like my next shirt, "Oh, it's on like...".

I'm hoping to see it up by monday.

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