EMO Fraternity

  • by Glavasich
  • posted Apr 06, 2006

This was a shirt idea I had for a coed Frat for people who can admit they like to cry. I thought it was goofy but whatever.

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Bobby Bonbons

Now all the people in the "SMTH" frat have a shirt.


Is this supposed to be ironic?

You know emo's been dead for almost 10 years?



haha. I like it. 4


I l-o-v-e it!!!!




I wouldnt be caught dead wearing a shirt
that says EMO ... although I love EMO, i´m more of a low-key kind of person.. you might want to take that in consideration when prospecting buyers to your products..

No. 45



how can 'emo' be dead if 'emo' means emotion? emo can't die until we're all robots.
This is clever.. though I, too, wouldn't ever wear it.


OMG!! I love this shirt!!!
It would totally bug all the grade tens at my school. They're emo.


jpiatt profile pic Alumni

Not to sound like Killerlamb but simply:



i think thi s shirt is HYSTERICAL. I personally wouldn't wear it though. Alacyt, a lot of younger teenagers think they are "all emo"now. I thought the shirt was mean as a joke, not necessarily to be worn by people who consider themselves emo. If I was to wear it I'd waer it solely as a joke. I'd prob wear it is I was a guy, oh an not in a real sorority. I'd feel silly walking around with other letters on.

Aristarchus profile pic Alumni

"How can 'emo' be dead when if 'emo' means emotion? Emo can't die until we're all robots."

Jesus Christ with a f*cking Frisbee...

If I was certain that the shirt was ironic, I'd give it a five. But I'm not totally convinced.


this shirt is obviously a joke mocking both extremely emo people and the overused greek shirts of the college world. JOKE PEOPLE! So laugh and vote accordingly :o)


this I like lol 5


sigma mu theta = SMTh as Mr. Bonbons already stated

you could have made it correctly with epsilon mu omicron (or omega) - and still had the visual impact of it saying EMO

unless there's supposed to be some sort of inside joke about "the smiths"...?


although i laughed at the EMO in greek letters, i think the whole "emo" "movement," and i say "movement" with the same tone as i would "bowel movement," is just the latest way of saying "i'm pretending to hate my father" like the kids in my high school did in 1989 with black clothing and black dusters (but so very pre-columbine it's old school, no pun intended).


Made me laugh out loud.

Unless you're serious.
I guess I don't care, because I would wear it as a joke.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH...........oh wait your serious?

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

i'd buy it AND wear it... but I am awesome enough to pull it off.


I think all pro/con emo shirts are stupid.
Though I don't prefer their style, it is the style they choose.
You have your style too, so why can't they?


Emo doesn't stand for "emotion", it stands for "emotive hardcore"
If emo stood for "emotion", then basically every song is emo.


ha! robosaur twitch beat me to it lol. back when REAL emo (not dashboard) was around, the dudes would get all kinds of worked up and start screaming (hence the "hardcore") and/or crying. that has since died, and the new emo has given it a bad name :-/


your guitar necks are a little short


..and emo's gay


emo is in fact gay... and the guitar is in perspective which is why the neck is forshortened (=

I think it would be funny for everyone to know that I'm a straight up Metalhead and don't listen to Emo or hardcore.


an emo frat? did you find this in the box marked "Worst Ideas Ever"? I'd rather give a bear a blowjob than wear this shirt.


Not gunna lie, it made me laugh. Nice idea, I'd wear it just to piss off the posers.


ugh... poor emo. i found some of my old comps the other day, and it was sad to see how far these kids have strayed. emo used to mean something.


this is hilarious, and because of that i want to give it a $5....but I can't... I can't help thinking it'll be totally lost on the kids who would wear it.

The Philosopher

It's cool, but emo ppl are SOO ragged on i think ppl would be afraid to wear it.


I Hate How People Use The Term Emo, They Make it Sound Like "Slit my Wrists Hxc Black Eyes" But Its Not, Its Just Music With Emotion But 'Emo' Is Stereotyped. and robosaur_twitch, Emo Does Stand for Emotion You Dip


If It Stood For Emotive Hardcore, It Would Have Somthing To Do With The Hardcore Part,EmoCo or Some Stupid Shit Like That


"You know emo's been dead for almost 10 years? "



S M Th?

Sigma ain't Epsilon. Theta ain't omicron. This ain't that clever.


wow! a lot of people completely missed the point


okay, i'll bite, what's the point?


i LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!! $5!


You got it MadMerlin!!


I would definitely buy it, whether emo is "in" or not. Jeez, you trend whores. $5


this is hilarious. i'd never wear anything with an emo reference, but its still hilarious.


don't really like the guitars, or the shirt all that much. Emo is another fad that my teenager uses to label people. So I guess this shirt would help.. ha!


ehhh not liking the whole emo/scene kids nowadays


I'm not sure anybody would wear this. I'm getting kind of annoyed at the kids at my school for always putting little tears on their face with makeup and drawing scars on their arms and writing "emo" on their forehead as "jokes", 'cause it's really stupid and all, so if I weren't so irritated at the topic I might give this a nice score. It's good effort, but it's not for me. Or, as far as I can tell, anyone. Oh, well! Such is life. Good effort, though.

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