John West

Matt Giraffe:

Growing up - about all I ever ate was salmon. Visit my deviantart page that has this design in full colour and more -

Watch this

Why doesn't Matt Giraffe submit his own designs? I'm just curious. It's free to get a Threadless account.

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The last time he got too close to the public he was stalked by too many obsessed female fans.

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Hey, Banana, cool drawing, but I really miss seeing it on the t-shirt, makes a lot of difference.

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Yes but then people spend hours debating that the image might infact be 1 pixel more to the right than to the left and how that is improper placing. I think people need to worry more about whats going onto the tshirt then they can worry about placement (unless its significant like bottom right vs centre top or something)


Best of a bad lot, but it doesn't take much.

Concept: 1. At least it's not patently offensive... except maybe to people named John. Previous comments about an unfinished feel still stand.
Wearability: 0.

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Has no sense of humour and doesn't understand the concepts behind any of the drawings, so he gives lame comments proving his total overlook of what is really going on.

Personality: 0.

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and John West is a brand of salmon you dick.


i'm sorry but your style is hideous + i'm voting them all 0.


^ RAWR! come on ladies take it easy its just a tee shirt! o by the way your style is NOT hideous+i'm voting them all a 5!

have an excellent day


I'm honestly getting kinda tired of seeing all of these designs.


I'm sorry bananaphone, it seems as though most people want to see the exact same design over and over and over again... and new ways of illustrating, or outlandish designs are "hideous." I would buy it merely so that everyone I meet would say "What the heck?" And then I would say, "Sigh, it's above you."

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There's a John West in one of my classes. I'll have to see how he feels about this.


I don't know who John West is, so I guess that makes me a dick too.


"Oh look, an eagle!"

kicks bear in the nuts

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no taintedluvv... they were a dick far before.


I don't understand why you keep describing your designs as before there time, or over our heads, or having deeper meaning. ? Explain please. :)




this looks like designs you could be doing for the company, volcom. the style of drawing in particular.

it looks fine to me, id probably wear it

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Matt Giraffe:

If all those things weren't true Heffer, you wouldn't need my explanation.

ludicrous louisa

why do you always do the matt giraffe: thing?
Why can't you just be called Bananaphone?'
Do you want people to travel to Australia just so they can throw tins of salmon at you?

ludicrous louisa

ps it's only an 8 hour trip for me
When I'm old enough to drive I'm going to Brisbane

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Good for you, and what are you going to do in brisbane? Run around asking for a person called Bananaphone so you acn throw tins of salmon at them about a tshirt made 4 years ago?


I'm not particularly impressed the level of confidence you have in Matt Giraffe's artistic ability - it seems to me that if he had something to say in his artwork, someone would have explained it by now.

I've been thinking about these shirts far more than they deserve, and I've come up with a possible explanation- but I'm concerned about attributing more insight to Giraffe than he deserves.

How 'bout this: It's a series of shirts on the many faces of the ugly american. You've got the hick, the bizarre and casually offensive guy, the disturbed old veteran with an ingrown suspicion of all foriegners, the robot with a sense of self determined by the opinions of others... all drawn crudely because that's how they are viewed by the locals of whatever country they visit.


The bear guy doesn't seem to fit this pattern- I don't know why I posted my suggestion of an explanation here. Maybe he's the obnoxious businessman in town for a convention?


i hate that this only got a .90
its so funny- people don't like the same
stuff I like on this site.

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