Potato Decoy

  • by Jigaton
  • posted Apr 05, 2006

This is my first attempt on Threadless. Took a good while to create; I hope you all enjoy.


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i like it, well done, presonally liking the green and brown options


ditto. green or brown works for mee


Brown and green. Great for the first time. 5 :]


Very cute! I vote for brown.


i dig the idea but what if you had used a computer mouse instead? good job and keep on going.


It's cute. Just not crazy about the tee colors.

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

Green or bown.
This is nice!

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

everyone is saying green or brown because white and black are natural enemies of art in most cases... dont be afraid to use color.


im not afraid of color, though i do see what you are saying. I've just always been a personal fan of black and white logos/deisgns on top of a solid colored shirt. Thank you for the advice though :)


$5 Man you are a comic genius. I had such a good chuckle why would a mouse go therw so much trouble for some cheese?? And the computer mouse idea was stupid, you got something here i can feel it. Let me know when this goes on sale cause i know it will!!!!


ORANGEY yellow all the way


Green, Orange, and Brown FTW.
The mice are silly together.
So so silly.


I wouldn't have known that was a potato without the title. Otherwise a good concept and nice style.


I love the decoy. Are those coins for ears? lol

I want this shirt!!!


awesome. amazing design. love it!


I like the idea and illustration, I don't think it needs the rainbow behind it tho


i like the brown best. =)
not sure i'm a fan of the actual mouse, though.
then again, i'm part of that kawaii-obsessed culture, so don't listen to me. :b


it seems a bit over the top to me to have "mouse" scrawled across the surface of the tater, but that's my only "critique" or whatever. i've never been a fan of things with redundant text(like a hat that says hat on it, etc) =P

anyway, cute design! great job on a first sub; this seems like it's got a great shot at being printed, for sure :]


hmmm, I like. But, whats with the gray rainbow in the back?


Josiah awsome I would wear it in green and wear it proudly i will spread the word.


Thank you everyone for commenting. I lol'd at the ‘hat that says hat’ comment. I know a joke isn't funny if you have to explain it, but the reason the potato reads 'mouse' was suppose to play to the fact that our mouse went to more trouble then the cheese was worth.

Thanks again to everyone for your comments. :)


I like this one on yellow the best


LOVE it on green

kenny poptart

green and yellow or pink and black. I like this, but maybe a tad smaller?


Don't change a thing. I want to buy one right away.


green is damn nice


thanks, i really like how the green one turned out. Greenand brown are my personal top two. I had like 12 of them mocked up then by buddies voted it down to the 4 you see now. I dunno... lost a couple cool colors lol.

Undead Commie

is that a nail for a tail? fuck'n great work dude. I'd buy the brown or red in a heartbeat. Hope you get this printed yo.


Hey great design of the submission window, I wish others would put as much effort in. It makes it far easier to view and the colour options aswell are great, Nice tee on top of that aswell. Great


Love the presentation. You really know how to use Flash! And the design is fairly good; it's a good design for a shirt, I think the majority would wear. Nice.

neat pinK

LOVE it in yellow/orange color best....I would buy!!!! 5$


darn good for your first submission/design



yellow is the best..
awful on brown, as my opinion


ew nasty shirt color.
cute design.
change shirt color.
then cute.


did you look at the other 3 colors?


I could see myself wearing this. 5 and a $ for me


Great work 5 for you and I'd buy it. Green or brown look the best imho


i really like this in the dark brown color. if this is your first time, well done my friend.


i want one for my wife to cover up her boobs, they are nasty. This shirt will look good even on the ugliest of people. Good job 5 and id buy


Reminds me of something from my childhood. I dunno, it speaks to me. you get a big 5 for this sir. I would snatch this up in any of the colors. Great work sir.


the yellow with the rainbow instantly made me think of "afternoon delight"

but kinda cool in its own regard


I really like the briwn and pink one!

Big Ed

I think it's very funny that the real mouse wrote "mouse" on the fake mouse, as if that's going to make someone fall for his little trick even more. I don't like the rainbow though.

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