• by IC-Three
  • posted Apr 05, 2006

Ballooney TWO!


My second attempt will hopefully please those who made comment about ballooney ONE. Last time i rushed it but this one a came back to a few times before submitting. This time it was a total re-draw from scratch with the addition of uniform size and a small highlight which i felt added a little 3-d ness without going over board. I've gone for red lines and pink balloons (sorry guys (tho some like that irony) it's a girly colour) all other colours seemed not to look balloon-like. If people want them in another colour i'm be happy to change it.

So be nice and constructive and happy threading your own designs on threadless.


Watch this

hmm... alot better from the first attempt... it's clear and creative, without seeming like you're trying too hard...

best of all, if a girl wears this, they wont have some freako staring at their chest, rying to decipher the dang shirt..

not that, y'know... ALL girls don't like freako's staring at their chests... @.o


this one is cooler than the last one.


I like the new colours - but i kind of miss the directions etc from the first one.


definitely better than the last! i'm all for it.


still dont like it


I see the dog jumping up from right to left, and perhaps swallowing a rigid sausage in midair. I think I like that...


I didn't have a problem with ballooney 1 at all. In fact, I thought it was cool because all instruction manuals I've seen from way back when had very little detail and thought that that made the concept of your first design stronger.
This is cool too, but I still like the first one more.


i really like the progression shape and the design, i say yesss


i really really like the design, but it might be good if the color of the balloons changed as the color of the shirt changed...just to get more contrast.


alot better than the first attempt well done


i liked the first one


So much better!


It took me a while to get it... $3


At first glance, i thought the balloons were trying to spell out a word. Then I saw it's the making of a balloon dog.


shouldn't you have given up after the comments from ballooney 1?


Thievery i don't understand how that comment helps anyone. i wasn't impressed by your submissions at all, do you work in mc donalds? I'm trying to develop not force ideas down peoples throats, ones man rubbish is anothers gold.

Cut Face

That is amazing. I would buy this in a heartbeat. 5$


I think this is fabulous. I would never have worn the first one, but I think this reincarnation is awesome. I like blue the best, with orange a close second...the other three colors don't really suit the image.


again, no meaning. a little better, still not good.


Do you really think you deserve 2000 dollars for this?

Terry Citizen

I thought it was meant to say something at first, but i'm sick and quite possibly delusional.


any design no matter how bad deserves 2000 dollars to be taken and printed?

montmont profile pic Alumni

takes pin, stabs each balloon

pooof they go, yawn


Geez Thievery! If your taking blogging to an Andy Kaufman-like art form, your doing a FANTASTIC JOB!!


and NO, I don't think that was funny on your part.


great 3d style. 5 for tech, 4 for concept, - although it's not for me, i'd feel like a chewingum.

The Philosopher

As long as the shirt is yellow i might buy it.


i think it's cute and clever. i did not see balloony 1, but i like this one. i don't care what anyone says. :)


i love balloon animals! i'd wear it in green, please!


I thought it was like spelling a word or something. It was confusing, but maybe Im just slow. I wouldnt wear it, most likely Id laugh at the person wearing it. I think its stupid, sorry.


I like it - didn't see balloon 1. The comment before about the directions is interesting tho, little twisty arrows illustrating what way to shape and turn the balloon might have been nice. Think it's excellent tho - * * *

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