With A Little Help From Our Friends

  • by MechaMC
  • posted Apr 04, 2006

what is it a giant piece of beef jerky?

Watch this

I agree, I'm not quite sure what the red thing is. Also, the person on the right does not look as much like they are holding it as the one on the left. Is it a flag?


i'm guessing it's some sort of blanket. maybe a blanket of "hope, humanity, and compassion"? and the two people are red cross employees i suppose?


yeah I don't get it- and the map kis kind of vague and I didnt realize thats waht it was at first.


are you in favor of bringing back the iron curtain?


i think my explaination has got to be close.


I want a McDonalds breakfast sandwich.

Big Ed

It looks like they're holding a giant bloody relief map of a hilly region.

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they're unvieling the world to the kids

obviously it needs to be executed a little differently, esp after reading the comments you've gotten so far, but I really like the concept you are tackling

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maybe have everything the same but lose the curtain and have the two adults doing a vanna white with their arms, basically presenting them with the world

senor spicy pants

i love itttt!
everybody is just being too critical.
great job!


smothering the world wih a blanket helps it? it would get pretty dark.... and hot.... last thing we need right now :/


First thing I thought was "aww, they're hiding the world from children with a big bloody blanket"
If they are infact lifting the blanket thing, try to make that a bit more apparent. I also don't like the slant of the world that much.
Nice idea though :)


nothing wrong with being "too critical".. thats how one can improve.. like been said f b4, they don't look like they are holding the blanket.. they are both holding the bottom edges.. how is the blanket staying up, unless there's a wind.. but thats not apparent from the silhouttes of everyone's hair.. gotta good concept here but nees better execution


with a little help from pur frinds...

(who appear to be sitting on their butts doing nothing)

...we can smother the world with a giant smallpox blanket?

that would help the overpopulation problem.

the message isn't clear enough




i'm sorry but this design probably took a couple of minutes to make. you searched for photos a guy, a girl, and children sitting down...then you changed the phtoo to single color...and you did the same for the map, and then the only thing you acutally drew was the blanket, in which you drew a red blob and randomly scribbled stuff on it? sorry, i have to give this a 0


^ but then there's the off chance that rocket boy has no idea what he's talking about.

it has potential. maybe have four guys holding onto the blanket, so that part doesn't look so off.


fix the blanket and i'll buy it.


i like it


enveloping the world in a blanket of beefy communism

design looks off balance, too wide for the shirt, and on the wrong colored shirt



It looks like they're trying to smother the world.


I think it would be better if it was a band aid


... but the red cross doesn't really unveil the world to children.
The little kids are cute, though.


Yeah, I don't get it either and I'm not about to read 27 comments to find out. Nicely illustrated, though.


heh the US looks like dirt, so they're sweeping the dirt under the carpet, so to speak...well, at least that's how I interpret it, I may be stupid though [wouldn't be the first time].


i thought that they were showing the kids that they should protect the earth...i was way off. maybe if it was Curtains and they pulled a cord to open them it would make it a little more understandable


They're unvieling the world to the children from behind a giant meat curtain.

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everyones a flippin comedian


"Eat your iron kids, because the children of the third world are starving..."


they could be trying to hide the world from the kids because of all the corruption in it intstead of unveiling it


Look the communists are coming, there's going to cover the world in red.


You guys don't get it. The sun is coming through the red sheet and casting the shadow of the world that hidden in the sheet. Not sure what it means, but I like how it looks.


I have no idea what that is. People shouldn't have to read an explanation to know what's going on.

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