Squirrel Fight

  • by bonaparte
  • posted Apr 04, 2006

Cute kills.

Watch this
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I'm sick of all the blood and morbidity. Its been done and never been done well.

staffell profile pic Alumni

I'm sick of all the squirrells and squirrels. Its been done and never been done well.


WOW! Rough room! Okay, so you hate blood and squirrels but you don't even think it was done well? I thought I at least DID it well. Ouch!

And to DeadPoetic; your fruitbasket is on its way.

staffell profile pic Alumni

I have to admit, this is done well, I was talking about in the past. :)


Why, I'm awestruck. This could be the first time in history that cute animals have been juxtaposed with violent gore.

"Just think of it this way... im giving you a ZERO because you're a HERO!!!!" "YAY!!"

please don't try again... this site will benefit immensely from your absence.*


^^What a mean-spirited person. x(

It is done well, it's just been done so often that it gets a little tiresome. Sorry, but I think your obvious talent could be better utilized.


Thanks for the input, PatNeeds5Dollars. I'm glad to see that your complete douchebag lessons are going so well for you.


i love this. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT.
the cartooniness mixes well with the violent image, and its funny as hell especially its X eyes, and her rubbing the blood on her face.

and how many squirrel shirts have there been compared to pandas and emo shit? relax and enjoy it for what it is, a nicely crafted and funny illustration $5


Man this is a bit of a harsh crowd. And PatNeeds is just plain rude! Why be so overly harsh?

It's a really well done shirt. I like it :)


don't bite!!! O

zipperking profile pic Alumni

dear bonaparte,
Don't worry about all the idiots giving you crap. all the negativity is fueled by their insane jealousy of people with talent. note that none of them even have the balls to submit something of their own. Keep doin what you are because I thought it was great. Keep on rockin in the free world.


i like it
as an avid fan of squirells-i had a pet one once-and all that,this rocks
id buy it


Thanks zipperking and everybody. I know this isn't the lord king god t-shirt of all, but I figured at least some of you would like it.

And don't worry, KolaZ. I'm not so deluded that I think everybody will like this. I just don't appreciate it when the zero is accompanied by unwarranted bile.


That's good.. but I think I saw this style before... may be.. Happy Three Friends? Good draw, good characters.. but not original ! Sorry it's my opinion.


awww....tis sooo cute...


It was a kick in the nuts wot defeated him.


You should go to work for happy tree friends, they will love you. although i do not, love the style though


This would be my new favorite shirt!


I'd buy it + another 5. If you don't sumbit a design, then its not worth a negative comment. Its like giving your opinion on government but you're not registered to vote. BUH-YA !


Hooray, the the "non-designers aren't entitled to comment on submissions they don't like" police are here.


Yeah, CLF, I do agree with you there. It's an unfair jab but in this case I know that guy and I'm sure he's only levelling it at the ones leaving really rude negative comments.


If you show your design in this site, I think you could receive all the comments, possitive and negative. For me the shirt is excelent but it is one kind of characters style that I have saw before. That's all. Come on guys, grow up!


I think it's funny as hell! LOVE IT.


please do that tan/khaki
and then maybe, just maybe, i'll buy it if it gets printed


Hey papa D, I'd wear the thing and Alicia would too! I don't care what anyone else thinks its a funny idea and you portrayed it pretty damn well. Do you think when we get the haunt shirts mine can have this on it? Pretty please.


looks like you're a fan of happy tree friends


And who isn't?!?! ;)

Looks like you're a fan of Harry Potter.

And who isn't?!?! ;)

(and yes, to anybody thinking about being a wisenheimer, those were both rhetorical questions. So if you answer them, you are smelly and no one likes you.)


Mmmmm...bloody squirrel fights. I was just in one of these yesterday, and I have to say, this is an extremely accurate depiction. Also, I like my gore as cute as a damn button, so: 5$.


Happy Tree Friends! And I hate squirrels too. Perfect! $5


I'm sorry, I really dont mean to be mean. but when I saw this shirt I almost screamed. we dont need more cutsie slaughterey stuff. Please. You are talented and I'm assuming you are also smart. don't rip off happy tree friends. you are better than that. but I'mgiving you a 2 because it is well done and you should keep submitting




I totally see where you guys are getting the HTF reference but honestly, I got the idea from watching two squirrels fighting in my front yard. Seriously. It was better than a cockfight.

Plus, an actual writer from HTF told me that he dug this design! He didn't complain about me "ripping him off" at all - so if he's not worried about it no one else should be. This is just my opinion but I don't think that this is any more of a rip off of HTF than HTF is a rip off of Itchy & Scratchy than Itchy & Scratchy are a rip off of Ralph Bakshi's work, etc.

And sh4yn4, I appreciate the fact that I offended you so thoroughly and yet you still saw it in your heart to give me a 2 for style. It's rare to see that kind of objectivity here!

ashlie ionizes

i actually really like this. "morbid" never gets old to me. $5 + a would buy


this one is so ripped from happy tree friends, threadless judges do something !


people clearly have no idea how scary squirrels can actually be

in fact, they sometimes do eat their own dead

so this is like a psa

good job


wasn't sure at first...the lorena bobbitt of squirrels?

but he must have deserved it.



Funny and timely concept.
Very well exacuted art work!
I'd buy it in a second!



This whole HTF/Bonaparte debate reminds me of this one time when people were totally dissing Matisse for riping off Picasso or was it vice versa...? Anyway, heh heh, those crazy Cats were like, ALL OVER the blogs! What a mad debate that was! And those two were such hacks!

$5 seems kinda cheap.


good concept, but i would never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever EVER in a million years wear a shirt with cute little woodland creatures covered with blood resulted in killing eachother. its so overused, and not funny.


I agree with EVERYONE!!! It was a really super good, good concept and you are super, super talented except when you are ripping off derivative overused concepts about the oh-so brilliant but, alas, overused and tired fighting squirrel cliches and why can't you do a shirt that brings world peace or I'll hate you. Hi to S.

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