Hippie Kryptonite #2

Make sure to wash behind your ears.

Watch this

this is incredible.

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

hahaha! wow, I actually started laughing at this. I feel like a loser sitting here laughing at my computer screen. And for that, I have to give a 5! The ONLY thing is, I don't really like the look of the bubbles. There might just be too many of them.

M. R. Murphy

it's getting a $5 but the soap and the soap dish need to be different colors.


shouldn't be green if it's anti hippy.
but great, laugh out loud concept


My thought was green because it's kryptonite.


maybe a couple fewer bubbles, maybe change the soap dish a little, but I'd buy it as is.

$4 now, $5 with some redesign.


holy cow, is that thing isometric??


I don't think it is. It looks a bit off.

Big Ed

HA!!! Fabulous. 5.
But I agree, the soap should be more like aqua (like Zest) or something, not green.


Funny, but the bubbles look to me like someone left a bunch of pubes on the soap. Eek.


maybe a tad fewer bubbles along the soap dish, and the dish could be a slightly diff. color. but great design! like above $ 4 now, 5 later?

Easy Jack


Bravo! Good work!


P.S. Keep the green. Keeps the kryptonite feel to it.


I agree a different shade of green, like Irish Spring would be best, and make the soap dish stand out by using another color. The bubbles are too symmetrical, and look like copy and paste bubbles instead of the way they would naturally occur - maybe just a few here and there instead. But honestly, it's much too fight club with the shape of the soap and the shape of the letters, maybe try an oval or something different. Funny concept, design needs work.

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

i have hippie friends... and i would enjoy this but the bubbles really hold it back, put some style into them and repost


Excellent concept only needing a few
tweaks already mentioned above :
-- Make the soap and its dish look separate
or remove the soap dish entirely
-- Improve the bubbles
--Change it so it doesn't look so Fight Club

Here's a reference photo to help out

You could also stand the soap up like this
so it doesn't look like Fight Club as much.

And here's a photo of suds just for a laugh


Nice job with working with the proper angles!


Ahaha. I love it.
Maybe remove the dish, though. It's still 5$. Wonderful job!


While I agree on some of the above comments, I still adore this. $4, and in the event this gets printed hope I don't get pelted by tofu when I wear this to my hippy school.


Although i probably wouldn't wera it, I kike the idea and its v well executed


I love you. I would wear this to piss off the hippies


yay :D really cool!


The bubbles look like hair. But a funny idea overall.


"The bubbles look like hair. "

i was thinking that tooooo.


Yeah, change the bubbles a bit. They do look like hair.

And funny as hell idea. I love it.


I'd be on that kryptonite
Straight up on that Kryptonite
I like it!

streetwise profile pic Alumni

great idea, you should make this an actual product.


the perspective is rare but the concept and the colors are excelent


thank you fight club.

It actually took me a while to figure this out. =/ I didn't get it immediately, so I started reading comments. I was instantly embarrased that I didn't understand, but now that I do... I applaud you.

If you want to improve, I would make the bar/text at a different angle. It's a tad bit hard to read.


I agree....take away the bubbles below the soap dish, and make the soap dish a different color. Also maybe change the shape of the soap dish ...to look more detailed I mean. It took me a while to figure out it was a soap dish...it is too flat I think.


I though it said "nipple kyrponite" at first, but after I read it correctly, it's a very funny idea/concept.


haha i didn't get it for a while, but now that i do, 'tis quite clever!


i understood as soon as I saw it what it meant...I think you'd be fine leaving it the way it is. I didn't notice the bubble count OR shape of the soap dish until I read people's comments. My first impression is how I'll score it...5


It's a hilarious idea, but the fact that the perspective's off is the first thing I noticed and is bugging the shit out of me. Still - LOL


I hate hippies because they smell like dirt. Dirty beatnicks. LOL

That being said i love this shirt. 5


i hate the bubles and the dish. but this is great!


Man, everyone around here likes trashin' the poor hippies. I don't like the orange and green together. 3.


Well, actually, I mostly just don't like that green.


now i get it! different colour combo would be nice and the design is quite funny


What about "Mary-Kate Olsen Kryptonite"?
I like hippes.


i LOoooooooooooooooooooooooooove this ! ! ! soap is my enemy


I'd buy it on a navy , brown, or black shirt! Very funny!

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