World domination

This is the rase that will destroy the humans and dominate the world

Watch this
Big Ed

The chicken on the flag either needs to also have a helmet or have one of those rooster comb things. He looks different from everyone else.

I wish I could see a bigger image because the beaks look weird but maybe it's just because I can't see them on my two dollar monitor.

Also, prepare for the Cut and Paste Nazis to tear you to shreds.


the CHICKEN FLU is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


chickens shall distroy all humans !!! cute


Man, I have been thinking about egg McMuffins all day.


world domination: that´s one worth t´shirting theme!!!


Looks like a Nazi flag with a chicken stuck in. All I'm saying is this: nazi chickens don't fly with me.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

what a bunch of cocks.


drmtama2, at 1:39pm on Apr 4, 2006

the CHICKEN FLU is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

^ bird flu..BIRD flu

funky shirt, I don't think I'd buy it, but still amusing and cute



Reminds me of stuff that gets printed at La Fraise for some reason.


love it I'd buy it no doubt


maybe the circle on the flag should be more oval like an egg shape? cos now all I can think of is Japanese chickens!


If you put in on a green shirt, it is too many colors. You need to fix that.


chicken flu spreads around the world... bad timing


fix the flag and you're golden


this shirts doesnt dominate the world nor this site..nor my appriciation 0


really cute.
without flag or world behind.


Don't know why, but it reminds me of Chicken Run. It's cute, though. 4


pandamonium (in red) always makes my friends ask if i'm making a statement about china... this one will cause them to do the same thing i do believe. beware the chinese chicken wings.


And only Ronald McDonald and his delicious chicken nugget specials can save us.
Thatd be a good war-after you kill the enemy,you deep fry him with 13 secret herbs and spices(KFC,I know-different company) and treat the whole platoon to good eats.
So in conclusion,My response to such a threat is-
I'll be waiting with barrells of honey barbeque sauce....

Boo La

I like it because I like chickens, and being a chook owner, I reckon they would try take over the world if they were able.


i like how the chickens themselves are egg-like. this makes them cute chickens. i wish they were coming from some particular country, like at the start of hogans heros how they had that map with all the animated arrows.

Miss Anthrope

So, is that what Deviled Eggs grow up to be? $5


dang i wanted to submit something with chickens o well
i like it its cool


HAHA, i love it they should give this shirt to everyone that buys Tamiflu ! 5$


LOLZ! totally cute chickens !! $5


Is it an American thing to call it chicken flu? Cuz in the UK its 'bird flu', or avian influenza if youre being a clever dick. Plus theres been an infected swan found here, great were all gonna die...

Not that keen on the design though, kinda reminds me of the Worms computer game. Maybe if the beaks were more prominent.


I would like it better if the chickens weren't floating around in the Atlantic/Indian ocean. I think it would be better if they were marching across Asia or something.......spreading out to the rest of the world.


I would like it better if the flag had something resembling a symbol of terrorism, or for some reason I'm thinking the communist symbol?


i like it even though it's old news
7 years ago my friends and I discovered that this would be the way of things
they're just biding their time...



This just goes to show .... never play Risk with chickens, they'll win.


i think i'd buy this. Chicken power! They look very very determined!!! 5

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