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wOrld peace

  • by rockstart
  • posted Mar 27, 2006

Peace on earth!

Watch this

It's plain, and probably took a fraction of a second to do.


I hate you, not really, its just that I made a design similar to this, about a month ago, yet I never submitted it. I was going to submit it, but now if I do people will be like, that looks like wOrld peace. Cool idea.


I REALLY like the idea, but I don't like the fact that North America is front and center with South America and the rest of the world is not given the exposure it needs.


i think you need some more experience with the pen tool.


I agree with ghettofabmuslim Make it more World PEACE .

It need a lot of work but it is a good idea!


its protty simple. i really like the concept, though. if you gave it some more texture, more colors maybe, and didnt make the US the main focus, id probably buy it.

$3 for now.


thanks for the comments guys...i'll work on a new version and resubmit it so that the US isn't so much the main focus...

and as for the person who said i need more skill with the pen tool?? i purposely gave it the scribbly look and kept it simple because that's the style i'm going for...

hopefully others like this idea, it's my first sub here! thanks!


This is just awful.


killerlamb, you should really stop posting rude comments on everyone's designs. Everyone knows you're a troll.


^ i second that


love it. $5


I can understand leaving it scribbly as a stylistic choice, but it seems at odds with the precision of the peace sign, given the regularity in it's linework and spacing between symbols. Maybe draw four different peace symbols, then copy and paste to give it some variation?


Nice idea and graphic but probably would not wear sorry.

Little Liana

I agree with the other constructive comments... and I'll add that I would be more likely to wear it with different, more distinctive, color choices. It's a little 3 grade textbook right now.


very "United States-centric" earth


well if this one doesn't get printed, i've submitted a revised version where the U.S. isn't so much the main focus.


I don't see why everyone tells Killerlamb to stop posting rude comments; it's not like he's going to listen.

Achtung Meggie

I love the concept, but I think the peace signs should be right side up relative to the land masses as we're used to seeing them, because when I look at this I want to tilt my head and then the peace signs are crooked. Also I think the peace signs should be bigger because this is making my eyes focus weird like those old 3D posters.


I think that the world should be turned a bit and that the peace signs need to be a little bit bigger. I like it though

nos veratas

HIPPIES!!! they're taking over!!! must have violence....


Meh. Unenthused.


i love the concept and would buy it (probably even if the design wasn't perfect) i think some of your choices should be made even stronger. i like that it's a little sketchy, what would you think if it was even more sketchy? what if the design mixed with the color of the shirt a little more like where the white is behind the peace signs. what about if the water had more of a texture, and what if instead of a sketch black outline the world itself had a sketchy edge to it? anyway, these are just things to think about. i would love it if this design could be stronger so that it will get printed, because i would love to buy one!


no thanks. world peace is overrated.


chasingmystar's idea about making it slightly more sketchy is cool. The peace signs are so regimented. What if the blue of the shirt was the same as the blue in the world?

Lake Michigan is missing! Threadless is a Chicago company, right? Might want to include Lake Michigan! ;)


Hey thanks for the constructive criticism. I think if i were to make the blue of the water the same blue as the shirt, the design wouldn't stand out as much.

If i were to make the peace signs "sketchy" I think i'd receive a lot more complaints about how they hate the drawing style or they'd tell me to fix it up...a lot of ppl here seem to hate the "sketchy" look.

To me, the black outline around the world, gives it definition, and if i were to remove that and just simply make the edge sketchy, it'd look unprofessional and "poorly drawn" to some people.

Also, the green peace signs seem to stand out better when the background is white rather than the tshirt color. Sure i could put this on a white tshirt, but i think these other options look better.

Once again...much thanks for taking the time to comment, and i'm glad to hear positive response as well as constructive criticism.

thanks, keep voting and commenting!


i thought the peace signs were the water so i was like ummm what part of the earth am i looking at?
other than that no complaints..

Charlie McKay

Either too tidy or too messy. You need to choose which way you are going and go there. Idea possibly been done before too... But what hasn't.


You need hippies on this design. Dancing hippies holding hands.


Interesting design, although I find the message to be way too idealistic and corny.

Where are the small children of different ethnicities holding hands under a rainbow and smiling sun?

In short, this is not compelling.


Corny, and the globe is sloppy, sorry


peace only in the ocean? what about peace on land as well? ;)


peace is on the land...for people confused that the peace signs are in the ocean...consider getting some glasses? haha i kid...but no really..if you look at the desing ont he tshirt...the peace signs further away form the green land that we typically see on a globe...thanks!


quit trying to make political statements with clothing


This illustration isn't really the kind of commentary I wear, but from a design perspective...
The border defines the image too much, I find. It isn't sympathetic to the fact that it is on fabric on somebody's chest. Rather, it just seems slapped on.
My suggestion would be to do a spread of the continents with the green/white pattern across the sphere of any kind...and use a blue T colour for the water.
The sphere defines the image as an object alone. As a designer, you are focused on your illustration and want to highlight it, but the casual observer sees the shirt and illustration as a single entity. Consider this when you rework it.


So cool the world needs more peace shirts. a bit like one already but this one i would buy


In this design the world is on a slant, but the peace signs are vertical/horizontal. If the world is tilted wouldn't the peace sign pattern tilt as well? What about morphing them a little bit on the edges to make it look more 3D? Also, instead of the white how about a light green and then dark green peace signs. From far away it would look like a simple picture of the world, but when closer you could see the peace signs. Oh, and how about putting it on a darker shirt? A navy or a dark grey? That would give it a faux outerspace look.
I don't know.. Just thought I would give you some ideas..

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