Flowers... in my head?

My first submission on threadless. Be nice ;)

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fc gravy

^^ agree, but i like it too


yea..kinda scary

M. Rogers

i think maybe the face needs more, or something at all besides the eyes. it's just a big white space. i love the eyes, and the hairline, and the way the plant comes out of her face, but it seems like you have space there for more interest & you're squandering it.

but it also reminds me of Siouxie y los banshees, so i'm torn.


I love it the way it is!! A great girlie shirt! Any shirt color could be used with this. As soon as I saw it, I thought of it on a pink shirt. Great kids shirt too.


It's just a bunch of trace bitmaps..


I'll stll give it a 2, since it looks okay...
I wouldn't wear it...


"It's just a bunch of trace bitmaps.." ?
I drew it in Illustrator... :)

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

Nice ^^


the face is a little too solid. I think it would look better with some shadowing effects...


LOVE. this is my favorite.


I think it would look better with a line or shadow defining the chin, but just partially...Because if you drew it all the way across, it would "chop" the image up and I don't think it would look good. I like the way the image flows, but I think there needs to be a little bit of something to fill in all that white space near the middle. I hope that makes sense.


i like the eyes/bangs, but the scrawny neck looks a bit odd


I think you should cut it off at the eyes. The rest of the face thing just doesn't do... anything. Otherwise, I love it.


Just ignore him Musiklekstolen, he doesn't know what a 'trace bitmap' it... but shhhhh, don't tell him that, we don't want to hurt his ego. Don't worry, he'll eventually get screwed by the horse he rode in on...


i think it looks great without a nose and mouth. simple=good


Creepy without the nose and the mouth. I think its okay to miss a few features, but 2 very important ones scare me when missing.


perfect. i love it. would totally buy it.


reminds me a lot of something from a recent creepy j-horror... the grudge?


yeah...the eyes-but-no-face thing doesn't really work for me...stylish otherwise though...


Thank's for all the comments! A lot of you want to see a nose and a mouth, and some people like it just the way it is. I might just do one with a nose and a mouth, but right now i'll stick to this one. :)


wow... i likie. very cool. i would totally wear it.


I like it, but I think I'd like it a lot more if it would have a mouth and a nose. But I still think it's wonderful.


Great work. A nose and lips wouldn't hurt. Good job anyway.

Joan Burroughs

It's cool without the mouth and nose. The lack of a complete face creates tension/confusion. Did I see that right? Where's her face? The viewer wants to fill in a face. That's what's intersting about it. Otherwise it would be just another picture of some girl with flowers comin' out her head. Don't we see enough of those on this site?


I love this design and I think it's more memorable because of the lack of facial features. I'd buy it x


This is a good ideea. I would like it better if it was smaller and she had more facail features!


simple and chic

i love it

placement would look grand in the bottom right corner
but that's just me, i hate centered things

keep it up


Very well drawn, I like the upper part a lot but not the whole shape of the drawing.


really pretty but te face looks unsifinished and sorta creepy missin gthe rest of the facial features 4


no no no. no face. its perfect.


whoa. creepy. I like her eyes, and the way she's looking up. one thing that annoys me is the neck; it seems to thin. hmm... I don't know.


Great first submission, you have a really unique style.


Don't worry, Killerlamb has no idea what a trace bitmap is.


I like it without definition in the face.


I thought the eyes were trace bitmapped. Meh.


kinda creepy but really good is u say u did illustration, i'd buy it if it has a nose/mouth 4$


eyes + hairline+ flower are perfect....
maybe a little nuance in the face/neck?
damn decent effort


at least give her a better jaw line and stuff if you would rather not add the nose and mouth...her head is too semetrical on both sides even though it looks as if her face is turned on it and we will see...


really cool
especially for first sub


i'd love to see this on clothing


i like it with no face. the collar/neck at the end is kinda odd, though. Otherwise, very nice..reminds me of Karen O for some reason.


I don't think I'd wear one, but I like it. $5


I like the design, but maybe just a little defenition between face and neck. I kinda like the fact that she has no face though.


This shirt reminds me of a story!!

My little digital camera packs a mighty big flash.
If you hold it too close to your face, it blanks out all facial features, and you can only see [sometimes] eye colour, and the hair-line or the subject.

I would buy this shirt because of this...I guess that wasn't really a story.. I really like it. The features added might emphasize too much the paleness..but I would assume that you would make them black and white as well, so we'll see.


gorgeous. i'd be happy to have that design on my chest.


Thank's for all you people scoring my design! :)
Megzerp, I like your story :)


i'd love it on a different color.... but still a five. Great design, but I wouldn't get it on black.


it looks to much like images for the films masculine feminine, and eyes without a face.
i dont know if you were aware of these things or not, but regardless, it just dosn't look very original to me
i feel like this has been done...a lot

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