• by jimmytan
  • posted Mar 26, 2006

you've come to the right place fishing.

Watch this

cool i like it $5


Looks really nice on a shirt.

unisex pompadore

love the concept, but i'm a little confused

is the mug pouring into the martini glass? because i thought they were connected at first but then i saw the drips...

also, i feel the heart speech bubble is completely unnecessary, it kind of detracts from the rest of the design.


Different idea, quite like it. Loose the heart bubble.


Yep, I agree with everyone above; you should definitely lose the heart bubble.

fc gravy

great graphic, nice one


Nice, I wish that these colours were doable but we dont, sadly, live in a world of negative. I like it as is 5$


it's really a good idea..but a bit plain. u've done a good job..but i believe u still can do it better..keep it up


Love the design. Tastey.5


Wah!Can't believe it!This kind of concept is can be done and design!
ITs a good job dude!


Cool!I will buy if its price is reasonable!!kekeke


Good design ... the only thing that I keep thinking though, is that is the wrong kinda fly for that type of fish.


Really nice graphic.


So pretty, very Threadless. I wish it could be in pink on black, but if it can't, please print it on pink in black. $5 with or without the heart bubble, but I'd prefer it with. One thing, I think the glass is a little small, it should be just a little bigger, and the fish should also have a little more space, it looks a bit cramped right now, and that detracts from the great use of the black.

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