Sliced Up

Color Options in profile.

Hope you like!

Watch this

I don't like how the glass just ends like that.

Wilde Nut

not big on how most of the art is just copied and color changed


I love this design! I'd totally buy it, even if it is brown. But I think it'd look better on a different color shirt--maybe blue or white? I don't know. I looked in your profile for the options but didn't see them. And it does look a little odd with the glass just ending. But it stills rocks hardcore.


Sorry bout that, I didn't think this would be up until monday, colors going up now.


The floater's awesome.


Yeah I noticed that one like 5 mins after I submitted mine.

I have a blog that coincidentally was posted 1 minute before his was submitted explaining my idea though... so that shows that I didn't steal the idea.


And why would you blog about Idea?
For that you, you get a 4 instead of a 5.


Killerlamb i have been trying to ignore your comments but i find it hard to resist. Il keep it short - your a fucking idiot.

Anyway, the the design looks pretty good and the line work is very nice. However I wish you would have drawn out the entire glass rather than cuting the bottom away.


Killerlamb, even though that has to be the stupidest thing I've heard... I'm still going to clear this out to you.

If you took the time to look, you'd notice the blog was about the style I should use, and it included the idea. It was sort of a mini preview...

And about the glass, to be honest, with all of the empty space at the bottom it just looked bad.


haha, sword fighting fruit! the 3 fruiteers! love it, thats cute- but it would be alot better on a different color. $4


If you don't like the colors, check the color options :D

I just put up one more color.


I like it, but I don't like the dotted lines in the cup. I'll give it a 3.


I'd buy it in two seconds if it were on a dark blue or navy, or something different than brown.

This would be my new fencing shirt.

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

I love the dead orange slice in the water!


i don't like the glass, but i love everything else!

Big Ed

I dont like the dotted lines in the water. I think it would be better if the escaping orange was using the drink parasol as like a parachute to escape.


Big Ed, he is trying to use the parasol, but the idea was that it was failing to open.


I'll agree on the glass, you should finish it. I don't think the art is just copied you can tell little subtle differences in each. I like it.


The problem with the extended glass is that it gives the whole thing an unbalanced look, I'd like people to be focused only on the action.

And no, it's not copied, everything was hand drawn.


dont like how the glass just cuts off. but i really like the floating orange.


i really like this. it's a cutie.


what if the glass didn't have a stem? it wouldn't take much more space to round the bottom, but it would look less incomplete.

this is adorable.


hahaha YES

.onion profile pic Alumni

funny, but the color options are not good, and the glass is kind of... even the liquid inside looks awkward.


this is great art and a funny idea, but it would be better if you had been able to fit the whole glass in the pic. it looks ok as just a picture, but on a tee it looks a bit off.


hahhahahh it reminds me of the SuperSmashBros. games



continue the glass! but lovely otherwise.


looks nice and tasty. i'd mention it for a buy


Haha, this is awesome. I really love the colors and simplicity. $5

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