Dinner Date

  • by travis76
  • posted Mar 24, 2006

A pin-up portrait made with food to be extra tasty....with just a small nod to alcohol with the wine, I really tried to steer away from the deluge of other alcohol related subs with this one...even tried to distance myself from all the typical food subs....

-combined the three tastiest things I could think of: food, drink, and love. Based rather loosely off a Bettie Page photo, I hoped to keep the scheme like a retro illustration with a nostalgic primary colorscheme.

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fastjumper profile pic Alumni

looks really good!

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

I really like her pears!


Extra tasty indeed! Don't change a thing.

travis76 profile pic Alumni

(happy note- the trees are totally improvised brushwork...none o' that google image shit!) :)


Looks like a winning piece. :D


Greatest extra tasty sub yet. Change the trees they spoil the design.

travis76 profile pic Alumni

with or without trees, it's threadless's call, should I be so lucky.


Use an orange slice for her mouth.


Nice to see the final piece! Good work!

S. Betty

I <3 Bettie Page but this is slightly disturbing. Can't pin point why exactly... Am I the only one?

Clever though...

travis76 profile pic Alumni

it's definately supposed to be disturbing and quirky. not intended to be sexy in the least. just a trick of the eye thing where across the room it'll look like a pin up girl.


I really like the concept and the design. On a personal prefrence note, I don't like the color scheme, but that is completely subjective. Love it. A+ Good luck, bud.


a w e s o m e, 5


It's a clever concept, but extremely distrurbing. It's not something I'd like to see someone wearing, truth be told.


Gross yet pretty awesome... in a weird way. I like it, its unexpected.

travis76 profile pic Alumni

i don't understand the disturbing part.... food portraits go as far back as the middle ages.
you can interpret it several ways:

1) in cartoons, when someone is so hungry, people start to look like food.
2) taking body shapes and turning them into food, all scaled correctly with each other, simple as that.
3) harkening to retro advertisement, and some of the tasteless and sexist stuff they used to come up with.
4) or the thing that must be bugging people, a serial killer making a girfriend out of food.

seriously, if i wanted to make it disturbing or offend, i'd have named it 'eat me' or 'i wonder what she tastes like' or even 'looks good enough to eat'.

i'm open to all critique, but please explain why it seems disturbing.


If it isn't Emo, it's disturbing... come on!! it's ridiculous, gimme a break...

I wouldn't wear it cause it's not my style, but it's a hell of an illustration...

5 (and if you check my profile, I usually don't score)


The design is absolutely beautiful, and I'd buy it if it were a print, but I don't know that I'd wear it as a short. The illustration itself, however, is a 7.

S. Betty

First you said it's "supposed to be disturbing" and now it's NOT supposed to be disturbing. Which one is it? It's just a matter of opinion based off a viewer's perspective.

Some people just don't like seeing a sexy icon made of fruit... that's a simple reason.

or, your reason:
the thing that must be bugging people, a serial killer making a girfriend out of food.

it's just disturbing AND clever idea.

travis76 profile pic Alumni

i admit it could have been disturbing when she was on the serving platter, but i hope to think i classed it up a tad since then. ;)


she's definatly more than just a piece of meat... HA! omg i crack myself up sometimes.

S. Betty

I like it travis76... to set the record straight. :)


i love this and want to buy it so badly. i love the color scheme too.


looked so much better with out the trees

JOHN2 profile pic Alumni

this is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo disturbing. I'm barfing on myself just looking at this. If I look at it any longer I fear there will also be much defecation.



can't see a thing, computer/threadless is jacked.

i'll give it $5 in the hope it was everything the blog version promised to be.


I like this A LOT!

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

you're the king of threadless, man. $5


hahah this is hilarious


the colours are obnoxious, and i love it.


Robsoul profile pic Alumni

you dude, you're the king of threadless, awesome work



I love it!!! Gimme gimme I want.


looks wicked! the trees in the bg dont fit in that well though. 5!


I envy your ability to make a mere 4 colors go so far. nice work

travis76 profile pic Alumni

thank you for that!

_Wheels03 profile pic Alumni

Awesome, I just want to eat her up... lol, funny stuff!



It's like Frankenstein, except instead of being assembled out of human body parts, she's assembled out of the contents of a picnic basket.

Uhhh, 3?

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