Have you seen my drink?

love it...5$

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mikemills profile pic Alumni

Clever! And nice bum.


Nice idea, very cute and funny. But why does the olive have a butt crack? I have never seen an olive with a crack, has anyone else?


it's not a butt crack but part of the X on the bottem of the olive- it's well placed


Love it. As a winner of the Xtra Tasty contest or not, I hope this design gets printed. Love the placement and simplicity of the design. Very clever and clean.

Big Ed

Way cute


I am sick of martini glasses too but people need to stop being so damned biased. This is absolutely adorable and a very good idea. Probably my favourite extra tasty submission involving alcohol yet. I'd totally buy this. $5


this is the only martini glass shirt for the contest that i actually don't hate. well done.


I'm not too sure. I'm getting sick of not only martini glasses, but of alcahol in general.


Great work. i like it.


I would love to see this on the bottom lefthand corner (on the left when facing the shirt, rather).


Hilarious! I love it, but a little smaller and lower on the shirt. Keep the butt crack!!! This is great!!


it is all about the butt crack.


cute...but i dont like the placement. other than that its awesome. 5$


god, I LOVE this..and want to buy it



i've hated all these extra tasty shirts, but this one, this one is really good.

unisex pompadore

lower left placement = perfect. how fricking adorable


ha! cute little butt.




Very cute! I'd like it even more if it was placed elsewhere on the shirt though. : - ) five$


Thats a strong olive. V cute

Captain Sketch

Think it would look better smaller and in the middle, but love it's simplicity...


Cute design. Change the location though -- (our) bottom left corner maybe?


That little olive has some super strength. Hee. Love it.

Sauza Gold

i love this
but you
need to fix the placement
and i'd so buy it
until then
i give it a 3


I think it's brilliant. I'm not sure about the placement. I think lower left would work great.

Silent K

Thanks everyone.
I wholeheartedly agree, placement here is very
versatile. Lower left probably would be a better solution.

Jew Turn

Placement is kinda eh but it's too adorable to pass up and well, it's so 5-worthy and buy-worthy.


Omg, I love love LOVE the concept!

With that said, I agree with everyone else that the placement detracts from the design a bit. Lower left corner sounds like a good idea.

Also, I'm not too keen on the color of the shirt. Or the fact that the glass and the shirt are the same color. It just gives it this kind of "blah" feel, in my opinion. Kind of like you just got tired towards the end and didn't feel like coloring in the glass.

But yeah, I still think it's an awesome shirt. Here's hoping it gets printed 'cause I would totally buy it!


If only it were centered...

Nice graphic.


i looove the olive's little butt


aww i love it so much!!!!! i would defenatly buy this! PRINT IT!!!! its adorable and cute!

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

I REALLY like this shirt, but at the same time, it reminds me way too much of Micheal Godard's art. Oh who cares, 5!


I like this! I agree, lower left would be a much better placement. But it is so cute/cool. I'd wear it. !

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