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My Trusty sidekicks

I know they look a little large. Lettering is shirt showing thru and each is about 4 inches wide. Dusk purple for girls and denim for boys.

Watch this
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Maybe instead of "peace" & "quiet" the banners should read "copy" & "paste"?

Wilde Nut

I could see me pointing to my shirt when my siblings are loud
maybe lower the placement and drop the second color on the banner

M. Rogers

i thought "quiet" said "out" at first, and i was like Holy Crap!
but thne it was "quiet."

also i think you should make it look mnore tattoo-y (shading, hand drawn) and less "clean." points for tattoo-ness, brass knuckles, vague threat of violence.


Yeah this is lame and I should have my hands cut off. Here is another one for your poop list xiv.


hah poop list.
i dont think its that bad. the peace and quiet doesnt appeal to me personally but otherwise i like the idea a lot. $5


This just sucks.
Minorities might buy it...


I'm just kidding. But still...try something more universally likable.


mezo you gave me my laugh for the day


Great, not only is Killerlamb disrespectful, he's racist too.
How very charming.

In regards to the shirt, this made me chuckle.


your mom's a minority, lambchop.

i love this, but i agree with M. Rogers


peace and quiet great concept


I like the idea not sure about placement though.


I love this, love the colors and the simplicity, although I'm also a sucker for anything old fashioned and kind of violent. I wish the banners weren't so perfectly symetrical, like someone said, it's clear you cut, flipped and pasted. The raggedy edges should be slightly different on each side. I like the placement, as long as it falls high enough on the girl's tee that it sits above the boobs - on the collarbones, not right over a boob each side. I would buy this in a heartbeat though, please print it! $5.


Try something with just one set of brass knuckles.


this is good, I like it despise myself


Who said I was racist?
I said minorities...I could be talking about women.



Maybe instead of "peace" & "quiet" the banners should read "copy" & "paste"?


catholic alex

how come girls get a lame color. if youre gonna do brassknuckles, which by the way are VERY universally likeable, don't cop out and make them gay. you'd do better sticking to one ink color as well.

nevertheless, at least its not an octopus or an owl or something hugging something.


Looks sorta like the MADE logo !


im in love with this design...brass knucks need to be on shirts more often... 5 and definately buy


god. im so in love with your vagina blurredimange.


So what are you implying? That violence is the best way to solve your problems? HUH?! IS IT?!

Kidding. But I'm definitely not catching the 'universally likable' part here. Too...rednecky.


i like it, but i think the sizing is weird. maybe a bit more sketchpad, a little less clean? possibly smaller, also.
great concept. it made me smile.

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