Extra Sushi v. 2

This is the second version of 2 similarly themed sushi subs, this one all modern-vector-y. Check out my other subs for the vectorized version.

Watch this

The only thing bugging me about this piece is that the text doesn't mesh well in some places, other than that it's cool.


Like the stly very nice. Good choice of colours too. I hungry.

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

Nice combination with the other one.

mad cat

This is nice. But the other one is something super special. I would Love the other to get printed! I would buy it super fast!!


the other one is better! Great idea though...bites into crunchy roll...mmm.


The tako one made me giggle! I love tako!


I think this would work better without the labels

a goat with a hat

Love it! Although I like the style of your other one a bit more.

Rob Green

What is with the extra tasty stuff.


i dont speek STUPID!@ im joking, i just dont get it.


i like the other better, but whatever.


Very good illustration, but the lack of contrast on the two leftmost pieces is very distressing to my eyes. Yellow text on white is a no-no.


I like the other sushi sub better. The bigger picture (eg the fish) is more easy to make out.


I love love love suhsi..but that's the sense,if there is one,of this shirt?


I also like the other sushi fish better~

aluminum flower

I simply love sushi! Yeah for wonderful tasting raw fish


So very stuck between this version and the next...I like this because of the 'pop' feel to it...I would buy both! If only I knew what half the stuff was...


Ok they better print this or the other. I don't care, but I NEED a sushi shirt! $5


the labels are cute. i like this.

M. Rogers

some of the names are hard to read, but look how good that Tako looks (i mean the drawing not the taste). plus, people like sushi and kitsch and when you put them together like this you get a huge BLAM sound and then a small vacuum where the people's money used to be.

mezo profile pic Alumni

I WANT to like this, because sushi is deliious...but something keeps me from it.

The colors are great.

I think it's the layout of the rolls. Or the negative spaced rolls don't look as complete as the filled in ones. The font placement is not appealing with them being just "stuck" on top of the rolls.

Hm. I dunno here.

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