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Think about keep thinking. It means something deep...

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Native Americans...
I guess it doesn't sound as cool, but when I see "Indian" I think "India".

Whistler Pot Pie

What if I'm in Antarctica? Or at the North Pole? Or Mars?


Haa haa haa! Remember that one time our ancestors came and took over? Oh man! Oh... wait... I forgot, I wasn't there...


Yeah, I would probably get my ass kicked wearing that.

But I love the style.


this shirt might be offensive, but what isn't


Best shirt ever!! Oh wait that is my idea TJS


"What if I'm in Antarctica? Or at the North Pole? Or Mars?"

Have you taken history..... LOL and believe it our not there has been a guy in space that was from a Native BAckgorunds. So really it is true!!

I like it!


Hey, I find it quite likely that Indians from India have been everywhere I go, too.


i desperately want to get into a discussion with the whole native american v indian but i will resist, regarding the shirt, being in america this applies but what if im in china or something, and does this mean theyve been there and lived, or just visited..

either way i like the style haha


the cartoon drawing style is a little at odds with the philosophical position. but in cowboy & indin territory we often say indins.

the lettering is quite well done of its kind, very sixties.

Buh Nanner

To me, it means thus: The indians were named such because Columbus THOUGHT he landed in the West Indies; hence, Indians. In fact he didn't but the point was that some one was already there and he took it anyway. That (I think) is why "Indians" is important on the shirt and why they have been everywhere you've gone or can go....someone's always been there first. Maybe instead of giving them disease and liquor and take their land we can cohabitate. I don't know it's late and I am rambling.

andyg profile pic Alumni

Very cool! 5


I don't think I've ever used the term "Native Americans". Always been Indians.


I'm an Indian (feather not dot) and this shirt rocks. $5


I love it. And I think the political incorectness accentuates the meaning of the shirt.


I should think the message would make any native American feel good. As for the word "Indian", while I prefer not to use the ambiguous term in conversation, it gives the shirt an older sort of feel that I like.

I shall buy this shirt when it becomes available.


HA. I want this in print. a lot.



Since colonial days when solidarity among differing political bodies was sought to create a union and a new nation founded on principles of equity, fairness and government by the people, for the people and of the people, E Pluribus Unum, or “out of many, one” has been a mantra of the United States. And while the spirit of e pluribus Unum embodied, for better or worse, the ideals of a growing nation, the consequences of assimilation, which diluted and sometimes destroyed cultures, and pluralism-- which often does little more than tolerating differences among peoples-- have proven inadequate in the post-20th century world.
the stratification of Indian cultures and the more subtle contrasts between tribes create its own stratification of cultures within the world of the American Indian, the interpretation of which will be accomplished by individuals from the tribes involved. The low ranking that has traditionally been a factor of discrimination of American Indians is being widely reconsidered in society. I think Mr. Laugh-Head's t- shirt is a powerful reminder that the best of who the American Indians were is still the best of who they still are. Well Done!


I like it, as for the whole Native American/Indian debate maybe use Natives? I don't know if that's better or worse.


Hmmm... I'm Australian. I'd never wear the shirt, but your design is super cute.

spacesick profile pic Alumni

hot diggety! and I'm not sure I've seen you work before either, so this is especially cool.

5 and buy


Isn't it AESOME how much ppl read into stuff?


scrawnyartist matter water country or area, never the poles. there has been some sort of native that lived there way before we did.
SO YES. IT IS TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

have a nice day everyone


I really don't like how the whole shirt is text. Nor do I like what it says. be positive, the indians are very cute, they remind me of Precious Moments.


Ok...let me clear this up. I live in South Dakota, where we have a lot of "Native Americans". There was a big stink a few years back where all the PC-minded folks thought we should call them Native Americans instead of Indians. The "Native American" community snapped back and said "Just call us Indians!!" So they want to be called Indians. Therefore, Indians is just as PC, if not more so, than Native Americans.

Mike Laughead
Mike Laughead profile pic Alumni

I think what people are saying is that Indians could be politically correct, but it isn't just plain old correct. I did the shirt, I don't mean to offend anyone. It was just a thought that my friend had, and I made the shirt.

I'm glad for the positive response to the shirt. I hope it get's printed so that everyone who wants a shirt can get one.


I'd wear it for the irony and its cute too!


I think of India when I think of Indians.. but whatever.


Native Americans were on the internet?


You have an amazing style.

You'll get things printed in the future, for sure :)


life's too damn short to be so P.C.

I swear to god, some people just want to be offended.

cool shirt, I likes it.


I have always wanted to voice my opinion about being pc. Technically, it is wrong. A person should only be called a Chinese-American, or African-American, etc., if they were born IN those countries and then moved to America. If you were born here....sorry, you are just an American.
If politically correct means having to call someone by their heritage all the time, then you all would have to call me a German-French-Irish-Austrian-American. And I should be offended if you call me white ? Ridiculous! The shirt gets a $5.

do the bullwinkle

People should shut up about not being PC. I'm native american or indian or whetever the hell you wanna call it, and I love the design.


looks like the kids from renton river days.

Guy LaDouche

its just a joke. who cares if someone thinks it offensive, its still funny 5$


You know...i have always wanted a sarcastic politically correct t-shirt. One that says something like .....".Be politically correct when talking to me! I am a German-French-Irish-Austrian-American! "
Would someone please do a shirt like this ?? I would be cool so that ppl could order them persoanlized with their own heritage lines on it.


I like it, but if I wore it I also would get my ass kicked.


The Indians do their spring training in my town, so you're right


The Indians haven't been everywhere. The natives of other countries have other names. D'oh.
It would be ridiculous if I wore it in Germany.


Well this shirt must be for wearing in the USA. That's fine.


There are so many smartasses here. lol
I think the message is nice and so true and so sad. Nice.
What does the woman's skirt say?

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