Swallowed Whole

  • by sounddbox
  • posted Mar 22, 2006

Guy swallowed whole by a dinosaur

Watch this

omg, wtf. Dino's are so emo.

totally 5 & buy


So random & weird. Hope to see more from you!

$5 for sure.


Oh my god sounddbox! I LOVE it!



ummm I may be wrong but aren't Brontosauraus herbovoires? The only eat plants. Now if you were a giant piece of broccoli you may have an issue. The execution needs a little help, the line drawing is a little rough.

Brett F.

^^that's what i was thinking too. and that is a really interesting pose to become dead in


If you're going to nit-pick, the brontosauraus never even existed.


Did he swallow Jesus Crist right off the cross?


ahahaha, you guys are killing me. ^^ wtf? great design. very funny.


alex i love this shirt!! it looks really good & the idea of it is just really funny. i would definately buy it & i gave you a five!


well, when most people think of dinos, they think of ones that eat people[well, WOULD eat people], and usually the dinos thought of there would be t-rex, a-rex, or velociraptor. so, the fact you'd choose a different dino implies you didn't want to be boring, but going with that assumption, doesn't that mean you had to do some research to find a reference pic? if that is the case, then I assume this is supposed to be a brachiosaurus, and in that case... it's herbivorous. so the first thing i thought when this came up on my screen was "it's a plant eater, why is it eating a person anyway?"

maybe you were going for the weird factor, and chose a plant eater on purpose, but for me it just looks, well, wrong. i guess it could expand on the weird and be funnier if the guy[who seems to be in the superman flying position] had been in a huge tree, tried to fly off, and landed down its throat or something...[probably a bit too weird though]

...i guess i care too much about things making sense. personally if you had chosen a meat eating dino and used this idea, it would have just been straight out funny to me. it's a clever idea, i just think if you'd chosen a more appropriate type of dino, it would have worked better.


It's really great but I'd make the dinosaur a snake.
I mean, it's awesome like this too, just that you can do so much with a snake's body and still make it look quite real, although that's probably not what you're going for...
Good job though, I like the concept and style.


^^You just used way to many works to state your rather simple fact.

I think it's an awesome idea! Obviously there are no carnivorous dino's that had long knecks like the brachiosaurus, and without a long kneck his design wouldnt really work. I'm sure he desided to set aside science and go with the dino that would fit his design.



i seriously doubt you could even SEE a human body in the throat of an dinosaur supposedly that big. like, haven't you seen jurassic park? whatever.


All you people hung up on realism...I mean seriously. Go to WalMart and get a picture of your grandmother printed on a t-shirt. There's no bs in her face.
Obviously, a this is a weird pose for a dead person. Obviously a dino wouldn't swallow anything whole. Obviously dinos and humans didn't co-exist.
I definitely wouldn't want a tee of a omnivorous dino that just chewed and swallowed a non-existent human. That would be boring.
I agree that the image has to be refined, but the concept makes me perk up. I like the shape of the victim. It's mostly the line and colour (esp. contrast) that can be cleaned a bit.

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