demon inside

monster inside...a......

Watch this

U should've included an eye or a smile inside the black void... I like it!


It kinda reminds me of a frog...


OOOoooo...creepy. It's a bit to cartoony for my liking.


demon, monster, alien? Im so confused as to what it is....could pass as ET or the Grinch for that matter....

Little Liana

changing the shape of the hole would eliminate the vagina factor


My husband has been trying to get me to watch Alien ever since we found out I was pregnant. He's a jerk.


oh dear.


i had an idea like this for a friend who wanted a tattoo.

only he was a christian, so it would be jesus ripping out of his chest.

and hey, any hole in the flesh coule be taken to look like a vagina, because peoples' minds like to work like that. that's just how it goes.

mochi panda

the grinch lives inside of me?? NO WAY!


no, that really does look like a vagina. there are definetly different shapes that wouldn't look like that.

and jesus ripping out of some guys chest sounds kind of creepy. this is sort of creepy too, but at least it wouldn't be scarred onto someone's chest. i sort of like the concept, but the shape is kind of distracting.


Tree frog climbing out of a vagina. Yup, try again.


add a frog tongue.


great colors, disturbing image.


To the above - 'Useful comment'. This would be good if it was reworked and had mnore time spent on it. What bothers me in the circle shape for the hole which has been slightly ammended at edges. loos this and make it look more like it comeing out of the shirt.


this is like Charles Burns' "Black Hole" meets "Alien"
kind of unoriginal.


wow, looks like a frog's crawling out of your vagina... kinda creepy. o_O




Goatse shirt ftw


definitely way too goatse for my taste. and noone needs a shirt with a vagina and..a frog.


its cool
but make it have like long creepy finger nails
beucase it looks to much like a frog now


I've never seen the word vagina used so much in one reminds me more of an alien than a demon honestly...In my attempt to add a small thought (Don't have to take it!) why not add more demon-like attributes? Also, since it's a demon, maybe, tears? Since they're supposedly natural aggressive creatures. Just my take on it, use however!


ew black hole vagina lizard fingers. EW

Brett F.

somebody's crawling out of my chest?? i like it!



....I dont like frogs crawling out of my chest...sort of ruins my day.


if you were going for demon, you failed.

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