• by Marshtin
  • posted Mar 19, 2006

O RLY resub. Changes made are:

- dashed lines are changed into branches.

- change of colours to red.

- text included on the t-shirt

- Owl with gun included on the back of the shirt.

The design works well in colours; sagestone, light blue, banana, and gold!

See my profile to view the old submission.


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it's too similar to the first one to be submitted over again (in my opinion)...and besides, you got a frickin 2.62 last time. what more could you ask for?


im sick of the "o rly" owls..sorry im not a fan..


Design wise, I really like it.


spencekarl: Yes it's very similar, I just felt there were a few things that needed to be changed (what people commented on).
I didn't want it to look like the owls were farting for one thing. What's wrong with making some improvements?? Should I make a completely new shirt just because I needed to improve a few things? And it's not that I'm not happy with the score on the last one! It's the best score I've ever gotten.

whisper in water

"Should I make a completely new shirt just because I needed to improve a few things?"

Not to be a bitch, but it does say on the submission page that resubmitting a design with only a few minor changes is just plain old not allowed.
So, the answer to your question would be "yes."


didn't mean to come off so critical...but a 2.62 is pretty darn good.


whisper: Ok. I personally felt that the improvements (although small) mattered, which is why I resubbed it. I might have been wrong to do so, but if threadless thought it was too much like the old one they would've denied it, right?
spencekarl: yah, I was really happy with 2.62


Didn't I give this a 0 already.


gun owl I hate.

staffell profile pic Alumni

this won't do any better - in fact it will probably do worse


It seems to be doing worse. Guess people don't like voting twice or something


I liked the original better.


i dont like the text, but i really like the design


I like it better than the other, but I don't like the gun owl on the back


5$... O RLY? YA RLY!!


I for one, really like it.
I'm a big fan o f that flash.


Hasn't this already been submitted?


I love the owls, but I don't think the text really says anything, you know? I get the abbreviations and such, but it would be a stronger design without the text, I think. I think the owls are so cute!


Excellent improvements, Marshtin !

.. no more passing gas swirls
.. the ORLY related text is in full swing
.. and the best => GUN OWL ! ! ! !

I love how Gun Owl is getting the
last word by being on the back.

A definite --> 5 <-- and $$$ BUY $$$

Thank you for resubmitting this !


helo: and thanks to you for such kind words :)


i loved the other one, and i love this one, too. $5 from me, all the way. the branches look really nice!


I looooove the owls. The illustration is adorable. I could do with having the gun owl either in a lower corner on the back, or not there at all. I'm not really fond of it right in the middle of the back.

with or without the O Rly texts, I'd get this shirt.


I love it, although, I despise that "orly" thing with a passion but the owls and the rest of the illustration are cute enough I would buy it anyway. 5$$ :D


Woah.. this is great. I'd definitely buy it.


Those owls rock! Especially the gun owl. $5 all the way. Not too crazy about the text, but would buy regardless. This NEEDS to be printed!!


read the rules


I love that you added the text. As a fan of internet slang, I would so buy this shirt.

M. Rogers

i maintain that the owls look good. the drawing of them, i mean, is clever and a good cartoon. i dont know what "o rly" owls are, so i'm sort of removed from the meaning-making processes of the shirt. but the little owl w. the gun is cool looking.


It Look great! Maybe more color options would be great!!


I hate the text cause I'd feel weird wearing it, but I LOVE the owls. $5, the only thing keeping it from a buy is the text. I like theother changes you've made though.


i never saw the first one. i have no idea what the deal is with the owls and all that... i'm out of the loop i guess...

however, i love the shirt! adorable drawings. and you know, all the internet slang...

don't like the owl on the back though. uneccesary.

but i really like it! :D


i need this. ahhaha.


I so entirely don't understand this shirt. But it still rocks. Lordy.


love love love this shirt, i want this!


I like the original better. No guns.

Larlar profile pic Alumni

I also liked the original way better, especially color-wise. The only addition the pervious version needed was the text.


Thanks for all your comments so far! :)


no wai

Hannah Banana

I love it. I think the owl on the back should look less confused and more in control, just because a gun would normally symbolize control. You could do that by making him lean forward versus backwards, and making him have both hands on the gun.


I love it, I love it, I love it.


I was trying to draw him leaning backwards in a confident way. Like, he's so in control he's even leaning back O RLY?!1!"%$&#8364;3&?


thats so cute! the grey color and the style makes me think of gorey for some reason. i like it. 5

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