• by ènsu
  • posted Mar 15, 2006


Watch this

WOW! nice.

Wilde Nut

I feel like this could be handled different, the guy seems so out of place and how can you make circles with that thing??
Still I'll give it a high vote


i love it!!!5$


how did the dude with the etch-a-sketch vary his line weights and make breaks between objects?


Nice concept... needs work. Any etch-a-sketch fan would instantly recognize the invalidity of the design because of the line breaks and thus make you look like a tool for wearing this....


Great idea, too-hasty execution.

Match the styles and re-etch and it'll be a really great shirt. Also, maybe consider upper-corner placement.


Keep the idea. Totally redraw. Etch a sketch drawing just wrong and the climber looks like he was stolen from a hiking shoe box. You missed a great opportunity for a huge crack in the face of the casing where the ice pick goes in. Loving the idea so much though.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

really dig this, very funny


clever idea, just needs to be re-drawn more accurately. I mean as though it was really drawn using an etch a sketch


If the lines were all the same size, and everything was connected, it'd be a definite 5$

5 for now


I think it'd be cooler if the etch-a-sketch image was of a simple city. 4

Tundraworthy Tunnels

such a fantastic idea.. but I feel like both the climber and the landscape should be in the style of etch-a-sketch!


Brilliant idea; redo with brilliant design for a brilliant score.


I agree with etch-a-sketch style landscape. everything had to be kinda... squared, haha.

But I love this concept. 5


red on red doesnt work for me..... love the idea...5


de la balle!!!


Oh my god YAY, that's so exciting. $5


I would probably buy it if the climber looked like an etch-a-sketch guy as well. His realistic look is really distracting.


I agree with comment that sketch part should be in etch-a-sketch lines. I would really like the contrast vs. fotoreal climber. But still a great idea!!!


thats so.. red

fata morgana

the etchasketch lines drawing etc needs fixing and the person doesnt quite fit the style it but could be good with work


love the concept. agree with staying true to etch-a-sketch non-diagonal lines. (or at least really scraggly ones.) maybe have the climber's feet not on the same level?


Ummm not diggin the red on red maybe on top of another color


You could not draw that on an Etch, so this makes me sad.

Rob Green

i agree. And if the guy was hanging it might be better


The guy hanging isn't drawn in the same manner as the rest of the graphic. Also.. you can't possibly draw that scenery with an Etch-a-Sketch. You should redraw that to look more .. Etch-A-Sketch-y.

LOVE the concept though.


I like the fact that the guy has less of an etch-a-sketchiness than the rest... it shows that emerging from one has a "reality" effect or something. However, agreed that it needs to be less line-arty in the etch-a-sketch itself. otherwise, $5!


hahaha i really like this idea.

but like everyone else said, the etch-a-sketch drawing needs to look like one.

Mister Mephistopheles

Clever idea, but the image in the Etch-A-Sketch is very un-Etch-A-Sketchy. Correct that, and I'd buy it.


cool idea, but you lost me with the style of the guy..


make it Etchasketchier :) and this is really classic threadless. i like it, man.


Very clever idea! Could fix the etch drawing though, as many people have pointed out. I'd buy it once that's fixed.

Brett F.

i don't like it for one reason and one reason only, and that is that it isn't true to the etch-a-sketch.

if everything was connected or sketchy looking it'd be awesome, and i'd give it a 5

until then


great idea... red on red maybe on top of another color

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