• by hannabear
  • posted Mar 15, 2006

this is Mort the dinosaur.

Mort is short for Mortimer!

Watch this

Would look sweet on a two-year-old and suspect on anyone older.

Wilde Nut

I can't even see the one arm, booo


this is cute for a kids shirt


That's adorable. Best on the brown.


put a little more effort into your design not just a quick five minute design... i realize the point of your picture is to look basice and sloppy but its a bit too much for my taste maybe a four year old would like it.


Usually I find things like this cute, but this really doesn't appeal to me. Nice colors + shirt color combo though. 3.


I like the cutesyness of the design, but it's not something I would wear. 3!


adammisfortune get a fucking life. im so bored of reading comments of people that think a good design has to be drawn on a complicated program and look really neat. the time you spend drawing somenthing does not make somenthing necessarly look good. i'd like to see more hand drawn and sketchy design.
i like this a lot. 5


This is what goodness is made of.

do the bullwinkle

Oh my god, I love him!
He's really adoarble.
I need this shirt.


You couldn't wear this unless you were an child or a lolita girl.


who is this mort? i dont care, and i dont think anyone else does, the only thing i really like about this shirt is the placement of your crudely drawn dinosaur figure, try again.


hey fumes.. first off tone it down a bit youre getting a bit too upset over someone else's opinion..secondly in my opinion i dont think that something that probably took less than five minutes to draw deserves $1000 do you?...also why the attack on me?


You could have at least taken the time to color it properly. There are white spots in the green. Cute at best.


why is the palette wrong?

  1. Even for a simple design, it's drawn carelessly.
  2. The toddler I sit for would like this, but anyone older than 5 would look ridiculous in it.
  3. No. Wrap. Around. Designs. Reading that might have saved you five minutes.

No wrap arounds dude.

It's cute, but not cute enough to get printed.


Aw. I love this. <3 $4 plus buy it.

Rob Green

if it wasnt drawn so poorly it might be interesting. but no


I have to agree with the rest. The design, while I realize is intentionally sloppy, makes it took too childish. Personally I also strongly dislike the image wrapping around. I tend to prefer centered designs to begin with, but wrap designs really bother me for some reason.


i have no idea why i REALLY like this o_O



i like the waya it wraps around, but didn't you read the submission rules? you're not ALLOWED to do wrap arounds.


i MADE a shirt like this yesterday using fabric paint
but this ones much better
too bad you cant do wraparounds :[


Kids need shirts too! I would have loved this as a kid! I like it how it is.


I LOVE IT.. dinosaurs are cool. Although, doesn't threadless have a rule about designs going over the seams?


I like him a lot, but I'd like it if you could properly see his arms.


eep, i meant a heart, darn tags. 5$. I love it. :c]

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