Life is an extra tasty recipe

  • by bejung
  • posted Mar 15, 2006

2 options for the shirt… it use only three colors on white, four on other color.

U like it ?

Watch this

It's not part of the design, but it should be "every color" or "all colors." I don't like it.


heterosexist.... also i would never wear it.


try to reproduce in an homosexual relationship… you'll get some fun but i'm not sure it works. i wrote "life", not "love".

But… no problem… i can do some gay version.


don't compromise ur work, no gay version!
and i like that
it can be printed on every colors


Would definitely like to see it on a colored shirt, not on white. Also, even though it's only six words long, it seems like the idea that the text puts across might be better conveyed with fewer words or something.


What the hell does sexuality have to do with this design? Man comments are dumb lately. Men and women both live on the planet earth, hence "Life is an extra tasty recipe." As pointed out earlier, the text mentioned nothing to do with love or relationships of any sort.


life is made from mixing males and females. if you think this is heterosexist, i think you beef is with God (or Darwin).

great shirt. doesn't need the text though. then you could do the same sex option as well.


I like it as is. Simple, to the point, no nonsense. Good job :)


I'm going to agree that it's an awesome concept. I can see how people are thinking it's a relationship thing. Still $4


Is the Extra Tasty logo seriously part of the design? There's no way I'd buy a shirt with that on there.


guessing it has to do to the phrase "purple" when blue and red mix they make purple reffering to sex. cool desing though.


It's going to be interpretid as relational, but who cares? I think it's a good design. Hetrosexualist? Do bother with being so politically correct.


does everything associated with girls have to be pink?


i would like it better if it just said 'Life is extra tasty'


maybe do black on black so no one could see your design, then no one would get offended...

i like your design the way it is, but not on a white shirt.


text is awkward and really sort of unecessary.
i don't like the concept or execution (sorry)

kayne draven

its kool, if your austin powers, i dont like the quote
sorry, but got to give it a 2


Heterosexualist? Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't it actually take male/female to make life? I have nothing against homosexuals, but what this is talking about here is the "recipe for life", not the "recipe for a politically-correct functional relationship."

Joan Burroughs

Heterosexist? No. It's obviously a bisexual shirt whose message is that male and female fluids combined are Extra Tasty.

But seriously, there's nothing that I like about this. Sorry.


The design in the corner makes the shirt.


Sexist, heterosexist, and discriminatory against non-male/female identified people.


burlesque needs a xanex, i like it, it's still ok for boys to like girls though right?

is a gunslinger

I'd like it better saying "Life is extra tasty" and on a color other than white. And I would ignore the whole gay comment cause that dude made no sense.


I do like it and I'd buy it! But the one without the extra thingies on the bottom is better...

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

that looks awesome. although I'm not a fan of the font used for the text


It's pretty good.
Everyone analyzes things too much. Particularly "Burlesque."

It's just a god-damn shirt people. Don't think that the designer is trying to offend everyone that's not hetero, because I doubt those are his/her intentions.

Chill out people. Get off the internet and get a life. Everyone has to be so damn careful about what they say these days. You're all a bunch of pussies living in a bubble.



to me, it feels very pep club/motivational speaker which is why i wouldn't wear it.

and i can see how someone would interpret this as heterosexist and don't mark them leper for doing so.


I really dig this design, it could probably use a little adjusting, and for me the jury is still out on the text.


-"heterosexist.... also i would never wear it. "
-"Sexist, heterosexist, and discriminatory against non-male/female identified people. "

Before you start screaming discrimination, why don't you read the God damned text on the shirt you stupid dolts. "Life is an extra tasty recipe". Last time I checked, two gay men can't have kids without adoption or serogate (sp?) mothers, and two lesbians can't have children without artificial insemination or also adoption. Oops, or have we forgotten about that in this 'let's-not-offend-anybody' world? You know, I'm not sure, because I have only been alive for 23 short years, but I am pretty sure that since the beginning humanity it has taken a man's sperm and woman's egg to create life, please, correct me if I am wrong.
Everyone just needs to relax, because guess what gay people of the world, you aren't the first people to be discriminated against. To be honest, you probably won't get much sympathy from blacks (remember slavery?), Japanese (imprisoned in America just because of their race after Pearl Harbor), Mexicans (jokes, slurs, and over all hatred in this country for them), and I could go on. So buck up, hold your chin high, and be proud of who you are and don't let a few racial/sexist/'heterosexist' things ruin your life, because if it's your race, sex, or sexual orientation is the only thing that defines you, then you are a sad individual.

Fuckin' whiners.

Can you say 'Rant'?


blah, i got tired of reading all the other comments about sexuality. big deal. its a cool sub, i love the overlapping colors and fizziness of the drinks. only one thing - its not that important, but for some reason it seems like the symbols on the bottles should be switched, so the female is more curvy. but that might just be me.


Its nice.
I like it.
But I wouldnt buy it..


doesn't it look too much like a flickr colored shirt

shredthrashgrind profile pic Alumni

fuck the sexuality stuff, interpret it how you want. Etiher way I love it. It'd be great if the text were shorter (maybe leave of recipe?) but it doesn't really matter. 5$


Well I think the sexuality stuff matters, for one...I mena, life isn't just a mixture of boys and girls. This shirt deems a little to "dichotomous genders" for me.


Even if it wasn't intented to be a homophobic shirt, if you wear it, people are going to think you're a homophobe. Also, "life" doesn't make as much as "love" would.
And the fact that you don't know how to properly apply quantitative adjectives to words offends me.


holy shit, people are stupid.

this is no more heterosexist than life itself.

i don't think gay people would be offended if told that their sexual interactions had no chance of producing offspring.

that's all this shirt is saying.

jesus christ.


I like this shirt.

And go iheartshirts! My thoughts in a nutshell.

I muchly like the version of this shirt with the design in the corner. If this could somehow be reworked to be offered on a different color that would be better, in my opinion.

Nice work!


I understand what the shirt says, I don't think it's the least bit discriminatory. It's just a lame shirt.


Man + Woman = Life. There is no other equation that works. Thus his text "LIFE is an extra tasty recipe" is completely true and not discriminative.
And even if his point was heterosexual sex is awesome, who caress? Thats his opinion, and his shirt design. If your hoosexual, dont buy it, don't wear it, dont vote it a 5. You have no right to shoot his work down because his shirt offends you.

You did an exelent job on this shirt, I give it a $5!

PS: Did you notice how much publicity your shirt got because of the controversial design? These people helped you rather than hurt you. I only heard about this shirt through a friend who told me to check it out because of the comments. Well played.

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